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Babylon Mystery Orchestra

DEFIANCE...It is the heart and soul of rock music. Rock music has always stood against cultural and musical elitism. But what happens when rock music itself becomes the voice of the cultural elites? What happens when rock music sells itself out to one establishments point of view, irrespective of the truth or its consequences? Would not this merit a rebellion against rock music and it's elitist practitioners? Would not those who possess the true defiant heart of rock music stand in defiance against it? So it is that Babylon Mystery Orchestra stands in defiance of rock music itself.

From its inception Babylon Mystery Orchestra has defiantly presented its vision of the truth, the way a true artist should, without regard to the prevailing popular views of the time. The Gothic hard rock/heavy metal artist thrives on challenging conventional thinking. Especially that of the rock music elites.

No man-made institution is sacred to Babylon Mystery Orchestra! Not America, portrayed as the Biblically doomed Mystery Babylon the Great on the debut CD "Divine Right Of Kings." Not the Christian church, a man-made institution rightly questioned on the critically acclaimed work "The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity." Hell, the second CD, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven," even condemned rock music itself!

With the latest CD, "Axis Of Evil," BMO mastermind Sidney Allen Johnson has turned his vision toward the triumvirate of treachery and wickedness that seeks to impose its freedom suppressing will over the entire world: Islam, Socialism and the Illuminati. A future foretold centuries ago is happening before your eyes, beckoning for you to participate in your own damnation!

Babylon Mystery Orchestra is speaking...are you listening?