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Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment

No point in doing what's already been done, it's time for something new under the sun. Spend a bit of time in a world of uncompromising and unapologetic Mennonite blues that'll stomp you deep into the ground.

A wee bit o' history-

My grandfather lived in Paraguay where the north winds would kick up huge dust storms that would get sand and dust all over your life. So he moved into the bush to get away from the north wind. That was when my family got the Bush Wiebe name. After a while, when the local government was expanding the roadways, it turned out that one of the new roads was headed straight through Grandpa Bush's living room. He had no choice but to move further into the woods.

And the Bush Wiebe family has been trying to get away from civilization ever since.

As for me, I believe that a person needs to take a stand when the storms of life hit. If you are weak in a crisis, then you are weak indeed. There is no other time to be strong than when the battle is on. I believe that when God gives you a hill to defend, He needs to find you either defending it or dead on top of it. This music is about defending that hill. Some of it is just fun, but some if it is war. War on the lies of our culture, politics, religion and the rest. I am committed to defending this hill and also taking back the ground that true biblical Christianity has lost. Not the watered down, selfish, feel good so-called gospel of our day but the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ that can set you free.

I'm still often tempted to abandon everything and follow Grandpa into the bush. But I'll stumble on anyway, never compromise with the devil. So the battle rages - I'll rest when I'm dead.