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Butterfly Jam Biography -
Once upon a Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale, Joe ‘Cockney Thief with a Voice to Die For’ Roberts didn’t meet Melanie ‘Aint no Love, Aint no Use’ Williams, in an Alderley Edge Wine Bar, while he washed dishes and she supped wine. They didn't meet, many more times and were both oblivious to their impending musical union. They met later, on the roller coaster ride of their solo careers, which gave birth to the Dark Flower journey evolving through Bodhi and metamorphosizing into the current incarnation of Butterfly Jam.
BUTTERFLY: symbol of transformation and love; fucking position; ghetto knife; butterfly kiss; butterfly effect (scientific belief that a single occurrence can change the course of the universe).
JAM: two or more musicians making music not officially as a band; to relax, chill out (jam man); a fruity preserve (to nourish the soul).
Along the way they have given eternal thanks to Daniel Davidson (co-writer and co-producer); picked up Pete ‘Gritty Sweet-String-Plucker’ Mason; and evolved as a live band with the musical flow of Will Read (Percussion, drums, backing vocals…plays everything); Ash Darko (bass, from the rock soul side and member of Rambo & Leroy); Bo Walsh (hot-beat-drummer boy); and the steady and sultry gospel tones of Yvonne Shelton. Other contributions to this Jam include the undeniable talents of Kiiler Benz, Eric Gooden, Andy Chaisty and Greg Lester.
See the Butterflies spread their jam live and listen as they lace the velvet production of the album tracks with a heavy helping of molasses soul.
*Definitions of 'butterfly' & 'jam' found courtesy of
written by Jane Birch (