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Captain Pigheart

Captain Ignatius Pigheart presents his tales of mirth and misadventure on the pirate seas.
He battles sea monsters, love, the damned British and the frightening incompetence of his crew.
His crew are far from the worst of his problems. He seems worryingly limbless and less than knowledgeable about the spinnakers and directions needed to make the Good Ship Lollipop and The Grim Bastard less dangerous.
Nonetheless, the misfit crew of such charmers as First Mate Billy No Mates, Monty McBuboe - the leprous chef, Hamish McMuffin, Manky Eye Joe, No Hands Mick and Herr Doktor Gunther Garment add their own special risks and opportunities to every sallying forth.
Every adventure brings new injury or death to an already beleaguered crew. Will it be the savage Caribbean Sea Mongoose, the zombies, the Sirens, the gigantic turtle or the sparkly lights in the sky that kill 'em first?
Who knows – listen to all the stories to find out what's happening in the exciting world of Captain Pigheart, pirate, adventurer and lover.