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Carl Martin


Carl Martin—an American singer/songwriter from Peru—has a musical style is inspired by the Pop greats George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Natasha Bedingfield and Christina Aguilera.

“Living a life with expectations is living a life with limitations”
"Music is like the universe, it cannot be contained in a box; therefore any genre, beat or harmony should be allowed during song crafting. I use all the colors in the crayon box and also those outside the box to create my own set of colors."

Born on June 24th, 1990, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and raised in Lima Peru. Martin is a pop, electronic and alternative singer/songwriter who cites George Michael and Natasha Bedingfield as his major influences. At age 17, he returned to the USA, moving to Arizona to complete his high school education. He received a BA in mathematics from Rutgers University in 2012. Martin’s interests include Vinyasa Yoga and Christopher Harrison's Anti-gravity and he is a certified instructor in both. Throughout his college years, he developed his vocal skills and was a NJ Idol finalist in 2013.

Carl Martin was born on June 24th, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His mother Teresa Ching and Father, Carlos Martin, split when Martin was three months old and returned to their homeland, Peru from the USA. Here he was raised by his mother, grandparents (Victoria Bernal and Julio Ching), and his aunt, Aurelia Lazarte.
His mother Teresa’s love of American music such as the Bee Gee’s, the Beatles, George Michael, ABBA and the Carpenters, became the foundation of Martin’s passion for pop, dance and alternative music. Because of artists such as Steve Wonder, George Michael, and Christina Aguilera, Martin decided early on that he wanted to pursue an artistic career.
Growing up as an only child and experiencing the death of relatives such as his beloved five year-old first cousin and grandfather, solidified his connection to music. Singing was the way young Martin channeled his feelings of grief and sorrow and provided a happy getaway free of judgment or expectation.
With the encouragement of his grandmother and mother, Martin joined a local church choir, where at age five he performed his first solo, “El Tamborilero” (“The Little Drummer Boy”). Later, he performed in Lima at his elementary, high school and ICPNA Academy, an English-learning institute, songs from the New Wave and from “The Phantom of the Opera” to name a few. In 2007, Martin joined the choir of Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, AZ. Here, he performed for various occasions including a Christmas show.

In 2007, Martin competed in New Jersey Idol where he met award winning songwriter, producer, performer, and founder of Music City East, Mark D. Conklin, a NJ Idol judge. Conklin advised him to explore songwriting and offered his recording services.
Immediately after graduating from Rutgers University, Martin was employed in his current position at Educational Testing Services (ETS) in Princeton, NJ as a Statistical Analysis TP Coordinator. During this time, he discovered he was capable of writing original lyrics and melodies. In 2015, these songs became part of his upcoming EP which he recorded at Conklin’s studio. While exploring the art of songcrafting, Martin stumbled upon Vinyasa Yoga and Christopher Harrison’s practice of Antigravity in which he later became a certified instructor.
Martin collaborates with teacher, performer, and singer-songwriter Jimmy Clark, who acts as his co-editor of songs and lyrics and Project Management Consultant.
In 2015, Martin performed at the Barbershop Studios as a guest act and at a recent event for Donations For Daddy, a
Cancer Foundation, founded by singer-songwriter, performer, anti-bullying activist, and YouTube sensation, Veronica Kole. In February 21, 2016; Martin performed at BB King, one of NYC's premier Live Music Venues & Supperclub. This venue has featured some of the greatest legends in music; Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Alicia Keys, The Allman Brothers, Gipsy Kings, ZZ Top, & Jay Z to name a few.
Carl Martin's music genre can be summarized as Pop/Alternative/Electronic. Martin is currently working with 90's Rock Music Icon Anthony Kirzan of the Spin Doctors. Kirzan is Martin's most recent studio producer.

Singer Carl Martin draws inspiration from every aspect of life from the sound of blowing wind to the beat of his own heart.
Nurture and nature, fear and bravery, strength and weakness and relationships with one self and others are a few of many themes he presents in his compositions.
Through his music, Carl Martin wishes to share the message that with hard work, conviction, and a life without expectations, it is possible to face any hardship and emerge victorious.
Martin's songs are direct representations of events, beliefs, and/or states of mind he has either experienced or faced. Lyrically, he describes his style as conversational—both an inner monologue and a conversation between two individuals.
His genre is not limited to standard pop. Martin integrates elements of all genres subtly or obviously: country, jazz, blues, R&B, Hip-hop, and Latin rhythms, to name a few. “Music is like the universe, it cannot be contained in a box; therefore any genre, beat or harmony should be allowed during song crafting. I use all the colors in the crayon box and also those outside the box to create one’s own set of colors". This means that every time Martin feels the need to work on a new creative project, he puts on a brand new pair of lenses.