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Craig Howell

I have been performing, writing and recording music since I was 18 (many years ago!). I have always been interested in spiritual subjects, but had not really applied this to music until I fell ill with cancer. This was the beginning of my opening.

I had been playing in rock bands, but in 1989 I had to stop, as I was diagnosed with a cancer that was slowly causing me to lose the ability to walk. The doctors said it was terminal, but I wanted to fight it, or at least not give up without a fight. After being in a wheel chair for about 6 months, using every spiritual healing tool I could and working with a naturapath, I recovered 6 months after that and was a new man.

Around 2000, I created my first CD of what I called Sacred Sound music. These were created as a meditation tool for those who have difficulty getting into that state, or for those needing some background music while meditating. Each song was 20 minutes long, as I had recently been taught that this is a good length of time for a meditation.

I create these Sacred Sound songs with great care. I meditate before I compose, ask for the highest guidance and I guess you could say I sort of trance out a bit and allow my guides and Masters to direct me. I am also aware of how music affects the chakras, and I incorporate that in as well.

To help people along their spiritual path, I have also created a service called, "Your Sacred Name Song" where I create a unique, individualized song based on the vibration of your name. All you have to do is listen and it should help you in so many ways to remember your soul purpose. For more about this, see the links section, or go to my website, or type in (Craig Howell sacred name song).

My desire is to be of benefit to everyone seeking to move forward in their spiritual evolution and to help them to create an easier life path while living on this Earth.