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Craig Smith

I am a guitarist and composer. I have played guitar nearly all of my life as a full time profession, not as a hobby... or only as a sideline. I first began playing a ukulele around two years of age and started guitar at about five when my grandfather died and I acquired his guitar. My mother was also playing guitar while she was carrying me for the nine months before my birth, and many people have expressed since that when I entered this life I was most likely subconsciously aware of the guitar's sound... and probably on a hunt to discover what was that sound I had heard before entering this world.

Today I play all types of guitars acoustic/electric, electric and nylon string classical... for whatever type of music seems to be appropriate at the time. I do however play only in the classical finger style, that is never using a pick... on any type of guitar, even electric. I did begin my guitar playing with a pick, but after almost twenty years decided to try using my fingers and shortly after never went back to a pick again. All of the music I play is based on an impressionistic... improvisational style. Creativity is very important to me and is the essence of composition in music,and although I am thoroughly trained and can read full classical guitar notation, I enjoy reinventing the music and never playing the same piece the same way twice and not following a chart... unless it's a requirement by some conductor or outside force. This spontaneous, improvisational style lets me explore new areas of sound as I would discover new ideas in any area of life. I usually perform live as a soloist because I can rely on myself showing up, however there is nothing finer than playing with and exchanging musical ideas with others in a performance.

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