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Danger Woman

I am a very real life singing superheroine and avowed disability civil rights activist who rights wrongs, while giving evil such a headache with my singing and educating people about disability sensitivity.

My many claims to fame include the fact that I avenged the death of a real life wrestling superhero, that I avenged the death of a 14 year old girl who was murdered just for being born with a disability, who was what I call a disabled prisoner of conscience or DPOC, who was a political prisoner with a disability who was locked up without a fair trial or a hearing and was given a substandard special education, just for being born with a disability.

Another big claim to fame was the fact that I have come to the aid of The Aquabats, a team of SKA Rock And Roll Superheroes, who I came to their rescue, when the Margaret Ray of Aquabat Fandom, Insania, was madly in love with The Aquabats. I had to fix her little red wagon so bad with my karaoke stylings, that she turned herself in to the police.

I also helped write a fan fiction for The Aquabats Super Show, called "Songbirds And Superheroes", featuring my very special superhero friend, Feedback, his lovely wife, Sarah and his two junior superhero kids, Feedbit and Feedbyte and The Swiss Collie Family, a bunch of misfit pets turned heroes with paws, led by the world famous Fabio Swiss Collie himself, Danny Boy!

I have also a band of rock and roll superheroes called The Danger Force, who help me in my mission to not only fight the disabaphobia that is causing serious trouble in this great land, but help me in my quest to go national and educate people about inclusion of people with disabilities everywhere.

So, come along and sing along with a real life singing superheroine and avowed disability civil rights activist, in my quest to go national and meet you, the dear fans!

Until we meet on the net, GAME ON!

Yours In The Fight For Justice,