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Danny Taddei

Danny Taddei is a singer songwriter that has spent most of his life living places like The South China Sea, The Bermuda Triangle and Polynesia. His sound is what you’d expect from a guy who learned to sail a boat before he could ride a bike. You’ll find his music is diverse and impassioned with adventure, and a feel of the tropics. His music is a compilation of his life experiences – stories of dreams, rum, love and humor.

“The more you live, the more you learn and the more you experience, the more you have to share and reflect upon. You become more aware of what makes you smile and what you would change; if you could. Sometimes you think maybe you can! - SO, as an artist and a songwriter, you look for ways to see it and tell people about it, sometimes to help yourself understand and sometimes to help someone else find their way. Either way, an album of songs is like a group of dreams you have inside your head like a photo book of little videos that paint a moving picture each time you play them. They pour out on the canvas of time like colors and textures for a soundtrack to your life.
When I write songs, they happen all at once. I’ve never really been the type of writer that sits down to intentionally write a song. Songs just happen. My life goes on and I experience things without thinking too much of them and then all of a sudden I find a place, kind of a wrinkle in time where I sit down on a beach and in 30 seconds I have a 4 minute song in my head. It’s complete from front to back. ...
S. D. G. That’s when I hope I have a pad of paper handy that I can scribble it down. I write as fast as the pen can move, jot the chords above the words and at some later point I play it on an instrument. I don’t know how it happens; they just come. I figure it’s my subconscious trying to make sense, and peace between, what I know and what I wish. I try to make life as sweet as possible by enjoying the things you can take with you. I’ve never seen a hearse pulling a U-haul and like Christopher Columbus said ‘Riches never made a man richer, only busier’. That’s what ‘I Play Guitar’ is about and the same goes for ‘Change Will Do You Good’. I guess that’s why I try to leave notes about each song I write so the listener can know where my mind was when I wrote the song."

Music has always been Danny Taddei's life. He’s been a solo artist, a band, session player and studio producer but he’s also been a ship captain and a flight instructor. He’s spent over 9 years cruising his sailboat though the topics so you can’t help but hear the trade winds in his music.

If you’re laid back then you’ll probably like his philosophy. He’ll be the first one to tell you that you won’t find a new horizon without losing site of land. He’s a husband, a father and a seasoned beach comer. He’s an explorer. He’s a sailor, a pilot and a songwriter with sandy feet and a quest for freedom! Listening to his music will release your wanderlust and give you a feel of the tropics. If you love beach music, and artists like Jim Croce and James Taylor, you’ll love Danny Taddei, Grab a cold one, hop into a hammock and let your mind sail free with Danny Taddei. A Change Will Do You Good.