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DB9D9 is an industrial rock band that hails from San Diego, California. Since
its inception in 1996, Eric Recourt has been the driving force behind db9d9, the
darkwave act best known for its seductively catchy brand of psycho-sexual
electro/punk mayhem and downright dangerous live performances. db9d9 music has
featured in many film and T. V. productions including the following.

Motion Pictures:
Soul Survivors - Artisan Entertainment
Luckytown - Media Pix, Inc.
Cold Fusion - Warren Miller Films
Manfast - Tara Judelle

The Real World - MTV Networks
Road Rules - MTV Networks
MTV's Making the Video - MTV Networks
MTV's The Road Home - MTV Networks
The Invisible Man - USA Networks
Mutant X - USA Networks
Melrose Place - Spelling Entertainment
Skate Story - Fox Networks
Odyssey 5 - Showtime

Band Members:
Vocals, sequences, samples, guitars - Eric Recourt

Drums - Susan Smith
Live Guitars - Morgan McCreary

DB9D9's sound is cold and hard, walking the thin line between standard dance
electro and intense coldwave. They seem to rely heavily on gritty guitar chords,
angry vocals and thick electronics to carry their sound across. It's almost as
if they are creating pieces that could possibly generate some mainstream
interest, yet they add in a dash of creativity which, unfortunately, will
probably keep them out of the limelight. For those who are excited by the harder
edged, guitar orientated electro, I suggest you check out DB9D9.

DB9D9's greatest strength is their execution of this style, which shows some
true songwriting talent and quite a bit of sophistication. Their material is
catchy, upbeat and energetic and reminds me of all the reasons why this style of
industrial was so popular in the early 1990s.
-Corridor of Cellsextreme / dark music webzine

If sissy dance beats and fake German accents get you hard, look elsewhere.
db9d9 is a must have for your Caselogic.
-Skippy Longstocking, Outburn magazine

Just because it's angry doesn't mean db9d9 can't make danceable music. They
know how to make alienation more fun than a Morrissey concert. -Nina Garin, San
Diego Union Tribune

db9d9 - 1999
Something to Cry About - 2004

The album "db9d9" was released to critical acclaim and won a Just Plain Folks
award for best industrial album in 2000. Among the many shows db9d9 played
during this period were performances at The Whisky in Los Angeles as well as
support slots for Metallica and Mötley Crüe. Recourt also began networking to
get db9d9 music into movies and television and that ambition paid off with
several high profile placements for tracks from the album "db9d9".

After licensing music from the first db9d9 album, Recourt invested in
upgrades and locked himself away to begin work on a new album. The second CD was
released in 2004. Something to Cry About was created as album that was "pure"
and "in the moment". Recourt claims to have let the songs on evolve naturally
without trying to push them in any specific direction, which may have something
to do with the album's unique industrial sound. The cover art was created by
digital artist, Tsubasa.