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Don Moore

Born and raised in Darlington Pennsylvania, guitar wizard and instrumentalist extraordinaire Don Moore’s powerful and exquisite approach to playing the guitar is gaining major momentum in the music industry among lovers of opulent and unique guitar instrumentals. Don’s unique methods not only perpetually rise above the sometimes saturated crowd of guitarists and instrumentalists but his fan base is increasing on a daily basis reaching astounding numbers.

Don first became interested in music and the guitar at a very young age. He sat and listened to the radio for hours on end; Paying particular attention to the guitar work of some of the top artists. “I messed around playing the guitar in my twenties and eventually started taking it very seriously. I taught myself everything I know”, states Don. His self taught and unique approach to his guitar style demonstrates the unparalleled and non-typical genre that he creates in his music.

Citing influences such as Criss Olivia from Savatage, John Norum, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, and Andy Timmons, Don listens to these artist’s music on a regular basis. Other music Don enjoys and listens to regularly are from the 80’s hair band era, the likes of Dokken, Ozzy Osbourne, and Iron Maiden. One thing for certain, Don’s tastes in music can only be described as superb to say the least, and are clearly exhibited in his work with his very own instrumental and incomparable methodology. Other inspiration for Don’s music comes from his girlfriend, family, friends, and he is an avid admirer of people that are able to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Don hesitates to place himself in any particular “sounds like” category because he believes his guitar instrumentals are truly different than most in so many ways. “I taught myself how to play the guitar in a very unique and unusual manner. Much different than most guitar players learn the instrument,” states Don,“ I started with only one string on the guitar, the “G” string. So initially in the beginning I practiced by learning which of the notes matched up and down the fret board on just this one string. I then practiced all the different techniques using the notes. After feeling comfortable with these techniques and these notes, I then added a second string and continued with the same method with the two strings. I did this until I had all six strings on the guitar and could make my own patterns out of the matching notes on each string”. In essence, Don not only taught himself how to play the guitar like a pro but invented a system that should be considered by other aspiring guitarists, because when you listen to this artist’s inspiring and beautiful music – Obviously, It Worked Pretty Darn Well.

All this is evidenced on his freshman CD release in 2006 titled “Axe Attack”,
Where it was and still is immediately apparent to his listeners and his fans that Don Moore is no ordinary axe slinger, but a true artist and guitar virtuoso with very serious talent and melodic ability; Clearly a musician with deep emotion and respect for his art, as well as the instrument itself. “Axe Attack” has gained major attention and acclaim with fans and music industry professionals. All this has resulted in a ton of high-profile endorsements, interviews, Internet, and terrestrial airplay. One of which is New York’s “The Buzz” 98.9 WBZA- FM - Unsigned Talent channel.

When asked if the inspiration for the music on this awesome album came from within or from what he observed around him, Don replies, “I would have to say both. Most of my music comes from how I feel inside at the time I am writing. I more or less let my emotions and my passion take over for me. In the past, I have also written about what I have observed. For instance on my first album there is a song that I wrote called “Serenity” that was inspired by news footage of a hurricane that hit at that time. I was amazed at how calm things were minutes before and after the hurricane hit and left its devastation. This event clearly inspired me to write about the calmness before and after the storm”.

If Don were not involved so deeply with writing, recording, and performing his own original music, he would surely fit into the studio musician scene where his talents would be put to great use. But Don has a lot higher aspirations for his career. He continues to write and perform, noting his dream gig as a G3 type of concert event playing along side the greats such as Joe Satriani, and John Norum. When asked how he would like his audience and fans to feel after leaving a Don Moore live performance, Don tells us, “I always want anyone who listens to my music to walk away feeling what I felt when I wrote the songs. I want them to be able to say wow, that song made me smile, or that song made me cry. I want them to be able to relate to each song as to some point in their own lives”.

Don has few regrets as a performer, citing only that he would love to be playing multiple and far more shows for his loyal fan base. When asked what he felt his biggest challenge as an independent artist was, he replied, “The biggest challenge for me is being a solo artist is that it’s just me and my fans together doing everything ourselves to promote and get my music out to new audiences. At some point very soon I want to obtain some professional marketing services and advice for getting my music out to the long list of guitar instrumental music lovers.

Don is enjoying increased commercial success and will soon be joining the ranks of the “Guitar Greats”. When asked if more commercial success would interfere with his artistic integrity, the answer flowed easily for Don. “For me it is all about integrity. I am just a simple man that loves everything about writing, recording, performing, and just listening to music in general. I am extremely thankful that God gave me a gift that lets me express myself to the world and to the craft that I love. Success to me is in the knowing that I have the creative freedom to express myself through my music touching as many people as possible along the way”.

Don’s current CD “Axe Attack” is available at these retail outlets. You are guaranteed to be touched by his passion, moved by his inspiration, and above all, experiencing the entrance into a new dimension of Guitar Wizardry.