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Doping The Void

In 1921, famous psychologist Sigmund Freud had a dream that 3 sight challenged, black haired, whisky drinkers would meet in Munich, Germany in 2007 and form a band that would crush skulls. This band would be called Doping the Void. He also wrote some other shit, but that doesn't matter.

J.Nearsight met P.Retina at the offices of eminent eye doctor Captain Spankalicious and decided to form a band. Realizing that they needed someone to beat the shit out of some drums they went to the local insane asylum and pulled T.Horn-Rim away from banging on some garbage cans. Presto: Doping the Void was formed thereby bringing the dreamy prophecy of Dr. Freud to completion.

Doping the Void is louder, stronger, and more blind than you. Rock, Punk, Metal, Punk-Rock, Metal-Punk, Rock-Metal...Doping the Void can play all forms of music. Blind, Loud and Ugly!!!