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Dumb Hole


Beyond the event horizon, where the sound waves that bombard you can travel no further, where gravity is too great to simply shake off what you just experienced - there, deep within you, the phenomenon arises: DUMB HOLE

Dumb Hole is Leonardo Guzman and Magnus Almqvist, at first glance, an odd couple with very different backgrounds, but at a closer look the perfect combination, a dynamic duo that challenges and supplements one another.

Leo Guzman, vocals/guitar, born during the early years of the military junta in Argentina, adopted his lyrics style and distinctive melodic language listening to role models of "rock argentino". Shortly after arriving in Sweden in 2009, Guzman started the power rock duo NOFORKS, with the concept of developing a duo that sounds big. After a few years of frequent gigging around Sweden and success in various music competitions, the band took home the 1st prize in Manifest on Tour in 2011, landing a record deal with Playground Music with which the band released two singles before their breakup in 2014.

Magnus Almqvist, drum kit, a child of "The Swedish hard rock miracle", grew up in the Stockholm suburb of Husby during an era when the
place was the epicenter of the extreme music scene and subculture, Death metal. With extensive experience as frequently-hired session musician behind both national and
international top artists/bands, an education from Cuba's prestigious Centro Nacional Superior de Escuelas de Arte and with a wide-open musical mind, he possesses the ability to think outside genres thus bringing together creative arrangements with explosive performance.

Like the physical phenomenon, the sonorous black hole (Sonic Black Hole or Dumb Hole as it is called), that place where time stops, where light and sound can no longer travel and instead become something that man can only guess at - Dumb Hole also creates musical wonder. An innovative duo in a genre where the format is very unusual if it even exists? The duo format inspires and requires new soundscapes with specially-built instruments, technical extravagance and daring effects. The result is a powerful and totally unique sound that forever sets a new standard for duos in the genre!

For 16 months, the band has worked tirelessly in the studio putting together their debut album due for release in September 2016. The first glimpse of
it will be given, however, 1th of May with release of the single Killing For Love.

The song is about us, we the human race, about our tendency to constantly tear down rather than build up, to point the finger at differences rather than to embrace similarities, how more and more we let ourselves be guided by ignorance, fear and anger instead of educating ourselves, overcoming our fears, daring to love and finding the strength to change. It touches all of that darkness we human beings choose to leave behind as footprints: wars, over-consumption, environmental destruction, the meat industry, etc. The single will also be released with a lyric video containing vivid and strong imagery from the creative commons library just to
show how bad off things are!

The songs from the upcoming album have a raw and brutal energy, choruses that stick in your head and arrangements that won’t let the listener go for one second, the single, Killing For Love, is no exception. With melodies that take you on a journey of magnificent expanses, cast you down from high mountains and carry you through stormy seas, the band is aiming to create rock history with epic works.
The band has also collaborated with Per Aldeheim (Def Leppard, Nick Carter, Lambretta and others) ,who through post-production and an impressive mixing job has given the music the modern touch that the band has strived for, thus paving the way to gaining a foothold with large audiences.