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Elizabeth Fulgaro

I was born in Mercy Hospital in Sacramento, California - a city whose name is Spanish for the Body and Blood of Christ.
My first 9 years were spent on a ranch outside Placerville not far from the site in the American River at Coloma where
gold was discovered in California in 1848 inciting the world famous Gold Rush.

I was raised in a Christ-centered home, but lost my faith in God during my twenties. When He gave me the gift of faith
again almost 10 years later in response to my desperate prayer, it was a faith which grew until He was not only Savior, but
Lord. In 1992 I re-dedicated my life to Jesus Christ and have been pursuing deeper relationship with Him ever since!

But this time, instead of praying "at Him" as I had done during my entire childhood, I determined to try to listen, too. I
asked Him to help me hear and understand His voice (and He promises He will). Thus began the life-transforming journey
which continues today into His amazing plans for my life instead of my own.

The Lord God is indeed my everything. I cannot live without Him! He is the center of my universe.

Though I always loved music and participated extensively in band in high school and even was blessed with a year of
choir, it was never a goal to do anything professionally with music. To me I lacked the talent for it.

However, in February 2004 after hearing one of the few songs I had composed over the years, three faithful, God-fearing
friends felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray that I would begin to "hear" many new worship songs through the Holy Spirit to
compose and release in the world. Their prayers were powerful. I composed the first song that afternoon and have
composed over 350 since (of which over 100 have been professionally recorded).

I never would have done anything with these songs. Certainly I never would have gone to a professional studio to have
them recorded if it were not for an "open-eye" vision the Lord gave me in February 2005. I "saw" a group of military
troops in a desert marching in formation. I "saw" a cream-colored woven canvas fall from heaven and hover over them as
a canopy as they marched, protecting them above and on all four sides. And I "heard" the Lord tell me if I would get the
patriotic song, "Stand Up" which He had had me compose in April 2004, as well as some of the original worship music
"over there": "I will be their covering. I will hem them in before and behind. I will be the banner over them and shine My
Light in the dark places so the enemy is found."

This was life changing for me. Perhaps I had imagined it. That was a risk I was not willing to take. I had to do
something. I knew no one in the military (though I had been praying for them all for years.) I had no music contacts. I
had no idea what form this was to take. I had not sung much since high school which was decades ago and even then
had not been a sought-after soloist. How was I to do this? So daily I began to worship and pray for His strategy and the
strength to walk out His will. If this vision were indeed His will, then He would open the doors to enable it and that is just
what He has done.

After a year of searching, He opened the door for me to work with amazing, talented individuals through Michael Everett
and The Creation Lab in Turlock, California. With their help the songs were arranged and recorded. Now ten years later
we continue to work together. My 8th full-length worship album of original worship music is due out in the next few
months. In addition there are two patriotic songs (Stand Up and One Nation Under God), two live worship albums (piano
and voice) and one live worship album--purely instrumental piano--due out in early 2016.

In 2007 I founded Eagles Nest Foundation through which I work to get this music purposed by God to our troops,
families, veterans, those who grieve and those fighting a different kind of battle with cancer.

Composing, recording and distributing this music remains a walk of faith. It has never been about my voice or seeking
fame. This is a walk of obedience. The Lord knows for whom He has had me develop this music. He knows who will be
blessed and drawn closer to Him through it. Meanwhile, He continues to teach me the amazing power He releases into all
our circumstances in response to worship. To worship Him instead of anything else is one of the most powerful and
constructive ways we can spend our time. Our God is honored because to worship instead of worry is like the ultimate
expression of our trust in Him. Our sacrifice of praise is pleasing to Him, rising to Him like fragrant incense. And we are
blessed when we choose to worship and adore. When we choose to revel in Him, His promises, names and attributes, it
engraves His truth on our hearts and helps us to stand firm on Him, our Rock - especially during the difficult times which
will come because we are living out our physical lives in this world which is not heaven.

I am just me...And that is enough for my Lord. All of these songs and the recordings are by His power and what He h as
enabled and nothing else. All of us involved are simply obedient to His call and willing to let Him use us in any way He
deems appropriate. When I recorded at the studio in obedience to our Lord's call, I had one request of Him: that when
you hear the music, your focus would not be me, but that through it you would experience His supernatural touch, and
fathom His love very personally on a deeper level and be drawn even closer to Him.

He has called me to record songs beyond those specifically for the troops because He has shown me the effect worship
has on our hearts and the God-effect He pours into our lives in response to our authentic worship. In CD and
downloadable MP4 format, these songs are available so that I can worship with you no matter how geographically separate
we may be. We can lift up our voices together, encounter more of our Lord and be strengthened by Him. These songs also
are there for you when you can't get out to a worship service or go on a retreat. Recorded as they are, they facilitate you
transforming your life into a lifestyle of worship, shifting your way of thinking and in so doing shifting the atmosphere
around you to a place more of God is welcome and into which an increase of His presence and power comes in response

Will you worship with me? Will you worship the One you and I love with me? Peruse the song clips, pray and see if He is
calling you and me to worship together.

May God bless you by taking you ever deeper into His heart, showing you your life and how much He loves you from His
eternal, infinite perspective, which is beyond what we can fully grasp. I pray this for you that you might be changed from
the inside out and your joy in all circumstances may be even more complete. As you worship the world around you will
also be changed by His increased presence flowing through you and your increased abiding in Him (whereby His light will
shine forth more through you to the world - not by your power but His).

~ Elizabeth