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Ellen J. Barrier


I am a singer and songwriter.
I have published several titles for performing arts with copyright ownership.

Record Label Company: Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium

Another Chance____ was written as my personal tribute to God for allowing me to accomplish my goals.
God Answers Prayer____ is my testimony based on many requests I have made in desperate times of needs to God where he answered my prayers.

I Want to Feel Your Power Today! is a cry to God, when one is in desperate need to hear from him. I have been in desperate need to hear from God, many times. I was sitting at my keyboard, one day and needing very much to hear from him. What you hear, is unedited.

My top 2 favorite musicians are Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder. I grew up listening to their music and have many of their Cd’s in my possession. Sam Cooke had an amazing voice that was pleasant to listen to, and sang spiritual and other genres. Stevie Wonder is an inspiring artist with many talents. Both of these artists are impressive and inspiring.

Achievements and Awards Received

Certificate of Registration Copyright Music Titles for Ellen J. Barrier
Register Copyrights, United States of America
Singer/Songwriter and Author of Music and Lyrics Titles___ Ellen J. Barrier
1. I Can’t Live Without You (Single)_____ Effective date of registration: July 2, 2014
2. Another Chance (Album)_______ Effective date of registration: July 3, 2014
3. This is an S.O.S Call To God
4. Send Down Your Power Lord
5. God Answers Prayer
6. My Father’s Praise (music)
7. It Is Never Too Late to Call
8. Scriptural Reading
9. I Want to Feel Your Power Today! (Album)___ Effective date of registration: April 22, 2013
10. Weapons of Warfare (Album)_________ September 20, 2013
11. Send Me an Angel (Album) ____________ September 20, 2013

My Novel "The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins"____ selected as Best Screenplay 2013 At The Beverly Hills Film Festival.
Received Certificate of Appreciation Award on March 8, 2013 from Amnesty International for commitment to the crucial fight to end violence against women and girls
Spirituality is my most-deepest compassion. It played a very large role in my helping those who I cared for in my nursing career. I have been a spirituality counselor for many years. I enjoy working with others. I studied Theology for several years, prior to becoming a nurse. It continues to be very important to me in my daily life.

My professional experience includes my work as a Medical Professional, marketing Health Products, Insurance Agent, Spirituality Counselling, Writing and recording. My goals are to use my knowledge and experience to help others to reach their goals successfully in Health and Physical Fitness, and whatever their interests are.


At about the age of 3, I used any object I could find to make music. My parents bought my first piano at the age of 14 and provided me with music lessons. I grew up singing and performing in churches and in school activities. My performances include singing, acting in plays and dancing.

I enjoy singing, writing songs and listening to various genres of music such as inspiration, romance, classic, jazz, pop, rap, rock and other.
My influence for my music career are family members who like listening to radio and singing in church and family performances during family gathering. I started writing poems, and songs along with performing in musicals in churches and school during my preteen years. I have continued to perform throughout the years as an adult, live and recorded.


My performances include singing,acting in plays and dancing.

I started Singing and Writing songs along with performing in musicals in churches and school during my preteen years, and have continued throughout my adult years as a profession. Many of my events have been performed in the state of Texas. I have posted my videos on YouTube and on other places on the internet.

Performed in the state of Texas. I have posted my videos on YouTube and on other places on the internet.

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January 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

PRLog – Dec. 5, 2012 – HOLLYWOOD — The Price We Must Pay for Our Father’s Sins, now getting ready for film production. The film is adapted from a book by author Ellen J. Barrier, owner of Barrier’s Books & Associates.

"Now on a path to take her store, writing and music to the next level, Barrier continues to pen her inspirational and romantic songs for an upcoming album release in 2014. New poems and tracks are beginning to pop up on her blog and official website, giving listeners a taste of what’s in store for the upcoming year."


Ellen’s musical roots are with her family’s long history as performers. She began her music career by performing in musicals in churches and in school where she participated in plays and singing. Ellen’s parents provided her with music lessons at a very early age. She continues to sing, play piano and keyboard, writing and recording songs and music.

Ellen has posted some of her music, teaching videos and MP3 digital-downloads on Facebook, YouTube, Acid Planet Radio, Indie Music and CD Baby companies. She has posted hundreds of articles on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo! and WordPress websites.

Prlog Press

I have been interviewed by the people with ArtistPr via telephone and by email, for the purpose of promoting my music career.

Interviewed by Screenplay writer for film production and agent for The Price We Must Pay for Our Father's Sins Kathy Krantz Stewart


Perfect the way it is.
Blue Collar
10.2.2010 @ 5:26pm
This comes from the heart. Its undedited and even with only a flew tiny flaws, you kept your head up. Gave it your all. The tags you used should be genres here on AP. Why they don't have any religious genres is beyond me. God bless and take care. Timmer

I always try to
A Murder Of Crows
4.6.2012 @ 3:31pm
project what any music i hear here would sound like in a million dollar studio, keeping in mind that i love music when it is raw, and unpolished. Having said that ,this a nice piece of music to listen to. . The production needs work,i think you know that. But the sentiment ,and the base is great. Carry on..VERY MUCH ENJOYED.

This is a nice song about our Lord,
Major Seven Heaven Music (MOC)
5.9.2012 @ 4:52pm
And I like raw demos. God knows I have many of them in my site. Good inspirational music and singing, and I commend your good and heartfelt messages. VME! Man of Clay Thank you for sharing this song and your wonderful blog about happiness!