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Emma MacDonald

** Support Catholics on a Mission - When you download "Mission" or "La Mision" for $0.99, $0.50 will go directly to fund high school and college students serving the poor indigenous Cabecar and Costa Rican people. This is the "other" side of Costa Rica unseen by tourists - poor, remote jungle areas where homes have dirt floors and the indigenous people share shelter with their animals. YOU get a great song inspired by the work being done there. THEY get additional funds to continue this grace-filled work! **


Hi! My name is Emma MacDonald. I'm 16 years old and from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I truly LOVE singing and writing songs. I started playing piano and singing when I was about 7 years old. It was then that I discovered a great passion for music. I love being able to share that passion with others.

The Mission...

In December, 2012, I went on a mission trip to the jungles of Costa Rica. When I arrived, I found the language barrier quite difficult since I didn't speak any Spanish. But while I was there I came to understand that my fellow missionaries and I all spoke the universal language everyone knows - the language of love. I found I was able to communicate with the people by sharing smiles, joy, and especially MUSIC.

When we visited the local village churches I sang to our new friends. Despite the fact that many of the songs were in English and they didn't even know what I was saying, the sweet people of Costa Rica listened. They listened with their ears and with their hearts. More often than not they tried to sing along. It was a most humbling experience that truly opened my eyes to the love GOD bestows upon each one of us.

Standing and singing in that poor church, I finally saw how much material things of this earth don't matter. All of us in this big world that at times seems so dark, were made for so much more than just the hardships of this life. I think it was then and in so many other wonderful moments on that trip that I felt I truly understood the worth of every human being, and how each one of us was made for Something Greater.