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United States - Oregon

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En·tron·o·my \en-ˈträ-nə-mē\ noun 1 : the result of six months of searching for a name 2 : an elegant blend of chaos, science, and art resulting in a pleasurable sonic experience 3 : an overly-dramatic, somewhat self-indulgent, and slightly-pretentious band name for two part-time musicians striving to make the best art they can in the limited free time afforded by a life filled with work and family 4 : the exploration of chaos

The music of Entronomy defies specific genre classification mostly because it spans so many genres. From alternative rock to pop rock, country to hard rock, blues to jazz-pop, Entronomy prefers to classify its music as alternative. Their music is alternative to just about everything when considered as a collective work.

Having been friends for over 5 years, in the spring of 2015, Steven Poole and Kenny Carlile began meeting weekly to explore musical expressions. On September 18th of that year, the work began to materialize into what would become their debut album, Evolve From Chaos (2016), which was written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered all by Steven and Kenny.