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Eric Ederer

Eric Ederer has been plucking at stringed instruments since he was a child and, just as they warned him, it never healed. In order to cure himself of the pernicious habit he studied the problem furiously; classical guitar lessons with Antonio López, a year at Hollywood’s “Guitar Institute of Technology,” composing music for film trailers at Cinetrax, an apprenticeship in luthiery, a bachelor’s degree in composition from UC Santa Barbara — nothing helped. Slowly he began searching beyond the limits of the Western tradition and soon found himself fluent in several languages and inexplicably credentialed with both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in something called “ethnomusicology.” Finally, it began to dawn on Dr. Ederer that people actually *enjoy* music; that perhaps they could even learn to love music that he himself made for them, and be healed and lifted skyward thereby — oh, happy day! We at Plum Loco Publishing hope that you will enjoy the good doctor’s exegesis in this spirit, and help us help you to help him to buy lunch and continue to live indoors — many thanks!