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Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires


I was born and raised in California and was fairly entrenched in music, community theatre, and poetry writing as a very little girl and through college. I studied classical piano and voice in college as well as literature and creative writing. After college I moved to San Francisco and worked in jazz clubs in North Beach in SF bartending, booking bands, immersing myself in jazz and writing constantly and glamorously with great beatnik flourish in little journals stashed behind the bar.
In the past 5 years I have been lucky enough to play with very talented, creative and generous people who stir their musical gifts and ideas into the songs. We play original compositions I have written reflecting upon my time in San Francisco, my rural child hood and travels, as well as a few well loved or unusual covers here and there.

For the past year, I have played with the following group of musicians in various arrangements: Tony Corten on drums, Johnny Tripod on cigar box guitar/washboard/clarinet/percussion, Joe Willcockson on organ, Dawn Mermer on standup bass, and myself on acoustic guitar and vocals. I call our sound Vintage pop... often based on blues progressions with fairly involved lyrics and often eclectic arrangements and scratchy Tom-Waits-ish instrumentations and my cabaret meets jazz vocals...

We all love playing together, and love each other dearly...we have fun, work hard and honestly appreciate and enjoy the sheer pleasure of making music with friends... most often, this playful, lucky spirit leaks out to the audience as well and often there can be a little dancing out there.
We are so excited and honored to play music in different parts of Europe this summer, to meet people, mingle, learn, listen and make new friends.