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Falling Hollywood

I watched the smoke rise off a burning pile of dead fish when the idea came to me. Looking through the smoke at my bright blonde haired cousin, I couldn’t think of a better person to propose the question to, “You ever think about starting a band?” He covered his nose with his shirt and ventured through the cremation smoke, stumbling along the rocky beach.
“Yeah, all the time, I’m gonna start playing guitar.”
To this, I said, “holy shit, perfect.” Granted I was ten years old then, so my thought process might have been slightly different, but through the tint of aging, this is how I recall the beginning.
Nick and I (Matt) got our hands on a couple acoustic guitars; Nick’s was a hand me down from his uncle, mine was purchased by my father for seven shots of Whiskey and a cold bottle of beer. God bless the homeless man who gave that thing up. Nick started recording some simple rhythms, jamming over them with some serious heat, keeping this look in his eyes like he could see what he wanted to hear.
I’ve known Nick since I was in diapers, so as like minded as we were; it seemed I could see it too. We started writing one song after another, too fast to slow down and record.
Now fast forward six years and a hand full of drummers and bassists later, I met Bill, one of the funkiest mother fuckers I know. He played every instrument he could get his hands on, and he played like some rabid animal who escaped from the pound. I’m not even entirely sure he knew what the hell he was doing but I know it sounded good.
The stacks of notebooks in my room were growing like fertilized ganja, and the old songs were sinking to the bottom of an endless sink hole, sprawling with life at the bottom. The only thing that stopped me from writing was school and work, bullshit.
I shared a going-no-where-job with Brad. He came up to me while I was punching numbers into a cash register, swearing under my breath about the people who shopped there. He asked me if I played guitar and after that we got to talking.
It wasn’t until about three weeks later I gave him a call and asked him to jam. Within days it seemed he'd been in the band since it's start. Brad and I walked out mid-shift, realizing we had music to work on.
The rest is history until we make more of it. We’ve become more then a band at this point, and more, a family of musicians who have had enough ups and downs - together and individually - to fill the world with music. We get our hands dirty, will attempt to try any genre, and will give it everything we got, whether it’s an open mic or a packed house.
So when you’re half way through your pack of smokes, sipping away at cold coffee, or a warm beer, let us run through your ears and we’ll show you how we see the world.