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Fiction City

Fiction City is not a common “vocals-guitars-drums-bass” band. It’s a rare case when a musical project includes members who actually don’t create music. If we try to set the conception, it would rather be “music-art-video”: FC consists of 2 musicians, a visual artist, and a video engineer, so that makes a 4-piece band.

Here you won’t find anything like “It all started in 2007, when a guy who was a fan of Moby met a girl, a fan of Depeche Mode, and they began to record all kinds of plagiarism on an old PC and a $100 synthesizer…”
Those stories are always the same, even when if we speak about more or less known guys.

Instead we’d like to say that we try to combine the deep and hallucinogenic world of electronic music with the spirit of modern rock stuff. No, we are not just another 4 guys who masturbate by “experimental attempts to put together dance loops and hard guitar riffs” (there is nothing experimental in it, really). No. We mean exactly the SPIRIT. Sometimes we just go deeper into the modern electronic stuff, we must admit that.

Usually each track is followed by an artwork, which really helps to broaden the horizons of our sick local hivemind. And when we feel a strong will to explain you what exactly we wanted to say, we unite our magical powers and make a video.

Fiction City has lots of self-released tracks, several videos, and many artworks, but one should consider Nova, the first serious EP (2010), as the starting point. This is the first “grown up” work we have made, and this is a case of a conceptual album, where all the tracks, artworks, and the upcoming video are connected by a single idea. This is also the first time when we experienced successful collaboration with artists & DJs from the U.S., Europe, and Russia (thank you, guys!).

Besides Fiction City, 3 of the 4 band members have their own little Happy Farms: Rubenich creates all kinds of videos as RHMS (now on Vimeo), DF draws, draws, and draws as DF, and Mike Wayne wrights light, formless ambient music as Mike Wayne. Ultra has an unexpected skill: she seems to know everything between and .

It’s not easy at all to be artists these days, but we don’t care much about mystical “music money”, or fame, or any kinds of competition, etc. The only reason why we keep making this music is that we want to “show you the world in our eyes”. And we have much to say. Isn’t it the very first, pure motivation an artist should have?