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Genai, a modern day medicine woman, has offered healing spirit-songs for eighteen years. She hears and sings the shamanic songs of nature, the subconscious and other dimensions and has worked as a professional spiritual healer for thirty years. Each song is sung spontaneously, received as a gift from Spirit, and recorded in one take. The language of these songs is a universal language of light, sound, color, tones, and melodies that goes behind the mind, free of dogma, to relax and rewire our brains and nervous systems, creating peace and joy.

Her spirit-songs began when she was resting by the ocean in 1995 listening to the waves wash against rocks on the Oregon coast. After a few minutes, she realized that she was singing and that this “natural” singing, which flowed through her like a waterfall, made her happy. The music seemed to ease her mind even though there were no words just syllables. Then she realized nature had its own language for healing.

Later, in 2000 during an energy healing session with a client, new songs came through her to speed healing. The next day Genai learned that many indigenous cultures have traditions of healing songs given by the nature spirit of a plant, tree, rock, or location, a tradition found in many cultures, such as Finland’s Laplanders and Peru’s Quero tribe. When Genai asked Spirit for a vocal coach to help her she received a referral in 24 hours to Sylvia Gallo, a well-known Austin opera voice coach. She studied with Ms. Gallo for two years, expanding her range and strength. Since then, Genai has been channeling ancient songs of light and healing for plants, trees, people, animals, the earth and gods and goddesses in her now four-octave voice.

Genai has performed her songs in many venues: interactive concerts, coffee houses, women’s workshops and ceremonies, churches, privately for healing and to aid those passing over, and for just plain fun. In this ancient language there are no words for the mind to digest, so it must rest. The body, mind, soul, and spirit repair, renew, and gather strength. The very personal experience of the listener may include deep relaxation or altered states with feelings and sensing of healing vibrations.

She has recorded five albums: Through the Sun: Universal Songs for Peace and Healing (2005), Amarya: Dreaming the Dance (2008), 20 Minutes to Peace: Meditation Made Easy (2008), Sacred Where I Walk: Goddess Blessing Songs (2016) and her newest album Sacred Geometry Healing Songs (2018).

As the Founder/Owner of All One Peace, A Sacred School for the One, Genai Ellen Wachs shares her research with others in her healing, meditation and intuition development classes, her books on intuition, and over 750 nature essences from flowers, stars, and sacred sites for healing and consciousness development. She is dedicated to educate and empower others to explore and claim the gifts of nature and the Divine Feminine, so that we may birth a new, conscious, and peaceful earth.