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To say that Canadian based rockers GLO Eddie Mazzola (guitarist / keyboardist & bassist), and Patrick Rowan (drummer) have known each other a long time would be an understatement. The duo had been playing in bands together for a number of years before starting their current project, GLO.

GLO, which sounds like Stone Temple Pilots meets Keane, was born under unusual circumstances and out of necessity. Mazzola and Rowan had been playing in Stollo, a metal band that had just produced their first CD when their singer up and left…the very same day they actually received their discs in the mail. Mazzola comments:
"We took out an ad in the paper to look for a new singer and held a ton of auditions. Riccardo "Rick" Cordi (vocalist/rhythm guitars) was our last audition of the day. When Rick came into the room he had a bunch of songs that he had written. With other singers we were playing our tunes and having them jam with us, but with Rick, he came in and showed us what he had. It kind of clicked naturally and his personality is very similar to our attitude. It was like we'd known him forever."

With the addition of Cordi, the band changed their musical style and format. They went from heavier sounding hard rock to the melodic alternative rock sound, and determined to change their name.

"We we're talking, trying to figure out a name that would match the style that we were writing, which was more commercial. We'd gone through a bunch of names trying to find one that was acceptable to everyone when out of the blue, Rick's brother, who had just been sitting around listening to us jam, blurted out "How about 'Glow'?" And we thought, "Yeah, that's a good name for what we want to do and for what we sound like. We liked the idea that a spark precedes a fire, and a fire emits a glow, and that nothing travels faster than light. We felt the name was a great way to emit our musical "glo" to the world!"

The band eventually dropped the "w" for aesthetic reasons that had to do with giving the image a little something different. And, adds Mazzola, "We all thought without the 'w' it just looked cooler."

Glo has had much success in Canada with their previous release called On The Outside. The lead single off that album - "Move Along" - took over the rock charts for four solid months—an accomplishment by any standards, let alone one for a completely autonomous band.
"We feel great about this, I mean we worked so hard, and anytime you produce anything it's always a gamble. "Move Along" put us on the map here in Canada. The DJ's really embraced it and played it enough that it charted," explains Mazzola.

Every recording on their CD On The Outside ~ including the hit "Move Along,"was tracked, produced and engineered in Mazzola's own studio, but for the final mix the group turned to veteran Los Angeles producer/engineer Paul Lani (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Megadeath).

Mazzola had been on myspace contacting music producers and inviting them to come to their page and provide feedback. He sent a friend request to Lani who replied minutes later and liked the rough mixes. After a little back and forth the two exchanged numbers and after talking on the phone Lani offered to mix, "Move Along." "It was a perfect mix," recalls Mazzola. "We were so fortunate to have him on board."

Mazzola who has been playing since he was five years old; started off with piano, attended conservatory, than later switched to guitars. Rowan began playing in his early teens and is the only band member who practices religiously—always trying to come up with different drum patterns. Cordi, the singer, plays guitar and piano but uses them mostly for writing. Mazzola admits, "I play music all the time, even when I'm dead tired I still try to pop a couple strings on the guitar."

The band's musical influences are as diverse as their musical backgrounds. "What's so weird about us is that we all like different things," says Mazzola, who listens to a lot of metal like Slipknot, Godsmack and Tool. Rowan enjoys some metal but leans more towards Dave Matthews, Rush and drum-oriented rock. Cordi opts for rock/pop bands like All American Rejects and Green Day, and yet together the three write music that sounds nothing like any of the above.

"It's a mystery," laughs Cordi. "The stuff we listen to has nothing to with the music that comes out of us. Personally, I'm a fan of Radiohead, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters. I'm not happy unless I can hear the 'Chris Cornell' coming out of myself. I always wanted to sing like him. But when I sit down to write, it's more of my pop influences that come through. It's strange but it's what makes Glo so unique."

No One Hears Me was recorded with the help of producer John Nathaniel. It is a libidinously sweaty commingling of three extraordinarily talented musicians and is not to be missed. Currently, the band is preparing for the album launch and shooting a new video for the upcoming single.