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Graham Moore

Graham Moore - Dorset - England
has earned a reputation as a fine singer and songwriter, and is renowned for his ability to engage audiences with his powerful and addictive songs.

Accompanying himself on guitar or English concertina, he is equally at home with a wide range of traditional and contemporary material.

His own songs such as 'Tom Paine's Bones' and 'Tolpuddle Man', have been enthusiastically adopted by the folk community around the world and recorded by the best of British folk performers such as Roy Bailey, Dick Gaughan, The Shee and Mick Ryan.

As well as being an acclaimed solo performer, he has written and performed in several iconic Dorset-based folk musicals including 'Tolpuddle Man' and 'England Expects'

Graham - as always - immediately struck up a rapport with his audience. .....It was not long before his self-penned, powerful historical ballads worked their magic -
The Living Tradition

Graham Moore manages to convey in a few words and a dramatic tune the strength of Thomas Paine who, two hundred years after his death, remains controversial -
Roy Bailey

A superb singer and musician -
Dick Gaughan