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Gulan is one of the stalwarts in the universe of electronic music known under various names such as space music, ambient, or new age music. It is a kind of fusion music that touches several genres, but doesn’t confine to a single one. The music creates deep feelings in the mind that touch the consciousness of the listener. It is popularly used as background music for relaxation activities such as meditation and activities improving mind power and concentration. It creates a kind of otherworldly effect in the minds of the listeners as stand-alone foreground music also.

Gulan And His Music

Gulan was born in Latvia in 1974. In fact, Gulan is a pseudonym. He was interested in music and showed his musical talents during the childhood itself. His first dabbling with instrumental music was through piano in a music college. Later he learnt keyboard and synthesizer through private lessons. After that he got plenty of opportunities to show his raw talent through electronic synthesizers. This experience made him a master of electronically generated music and sounds.

Gulan made the full use of his experience when he launched his first album at the age of 19. The album was released in 1993 and was titled Airway. Instantly the music world noticed his charmingly different tunes and the gripping fusion of his music that transcended various genres. Several other songs followed the success of the first song. Notable among them are Electronic Symphony, Sunrise, and Electronic Etude. Later, he formed a band in his own name, which became synonymous with space music. He also founded a music studio called Gulan Music Studios in Latvia. His music has been broadcasted from radio stations of various countries including the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, and South Korea.

With a string of beautiful songs that confidently bore the technical mastery of their creator, Gulan became known as a young virtuoso among music enthusiasts. Not only were the music pundits impressed by the dazzling array of never-before-heard kind of music, ordinary people also started feeling the hypnotic effect of the new brand of spacemusic. It was as if he was bringing a new genre of music from the outer universe.