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HAMMERFORCE's music is unconventional mixture of solid guitar riffs, impressive Electro/Trance synths, high-pitched Heavy Metal vocals and sudden Progressive interludes, all performed and recorded on the highest production level.

New album "Access Denied" is definitely breakthrough and brings the band to new horizons! It can proudly stand in one row with albums of grand Metal bands! You will be even more surprised by the fact that no famous studios or producers were involved in the process of recording of the new album.

Well, we don't need many promotional words here. It speaks for itself. Just listen and be convinced now!


The date of foundation was 2006. Three musicians: Nikita Merzlyakov (guitar/keyboards), Ilya Kapralov (guitar), Alex Moroz (drums) from Legioner band were joined by Nikita "Tjalvi" Valamin (vocals) and Vadim "Komposter" Nikandrov (bass). Old Legioner's songs were assumed as a basis. Band worked on new songs as well. In the end of 2006 two demo tracks were released (Breakaway and Fury Of The Nordmen).

In the April 2007 the work on the full-length album started. 9 songs were chosen for debut. Also few gigs were played using "Legioner" as the band name.

New year brought decision to change the name of the band. Lyrics were fully in English and the band needed English name. So the new name was taken - HAMMERFORCE. Some gigs were played. In summer Alex Moroz and Vadim Nikandrov left the band. The work on the debut album was finished in August. The band went to the Tico Tico studio (Kemi, Finland) to mix and master the recorded material. Guys were very excited to play new album live and searched for missing musicians. Alexander "Ariets" Zhuchihin (drums), Ilya Mamaev (guitar) and Anton Shostakovsky (bass) joined in October-November.

"Dice" was released in Russia and CIS in January 2009 by Perekrestok Records and in Japan in November by Avantra Records. Time passed, gigs were played, but there wasn't much progress due to lack of promotion, bad situation with Metal in Russia and controversies inside the band. Regular disagreements and the total lack of mutual understanding make further joint creative work with vocalist Nikita Valamin impossible. And in October he left the band.

You can't record new album without vocals. The band was tried many singers. And finally new vocalist Dmitriy "Ian Breeg" Yanovsky joined the band in March. Dmitriy lives in Moscow (while the band is based in Saint-Petersburg), but he is very talented and positive-minded. After all Hammerforce was totally despaired to find good and hard-working singer in their home city. (You should understand that not many talented guys are willing to work for free just for few kind words that we get from social networks - that is situation in Russia.) The work on the second album started. As the band gave up playing live shows, Anton Shostakovsky left the band.

Recording of the new album began on the Nikita Merzlyakov's private studio. Kate Sergeeva joined the band as Russian lyricist. English lyrics were written by Dmitriy Yanovsky. Digital single "Mass Media" was released in two versions: English and Russian lyrics.

The work on second album named "Access Denied" was continued. There were lots of problems and things were going very slow (but who cares that now?..) All materials for the new album were tracked and edited on private studios. This approach helped to get very good results and to precisely control every aspect of recording. Finally in October-November new album was mixed and mastered by Nikita Merzlyakov at his private studio.

Band non-exclusively signed to 2 foreign labels to release "Access Denied" on CD. But due to unreasonable and just ridiculous (yes, we are not afraid of using that word here!) claims of one of them (German one) both contracts were terminated. Hammerforce violated none of the terms of contracts. But the reality is: 2 signed contracts and no CDs at all. Well, don't worry! Hammerforce found Metalism Records to release new album on CD.

"Access Denied" is already released! Don't miss and join the growing army of Hammerforce fans today!

Listen new album now!