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Ho Lan

Singer/guitarist/composer Ho Lan grew up in Puli, Taiwan. The eighth of ten children, she received no formal musical training besides a few months of guitar lessons at the age of 16. In her youth, Ho Lan and her best friend Ying Hong used to crouch outside the window of one of the few homes in Puli that had a radio. There they would stay for hours, listening in wonder to music from all over the world. To strengthen her voice and increase her range, the young Ho Lan spent hours out in nature, singing against the sound of waterfalls and mimicking bird songs. At age 18, Ho Lan became the music teacher in a local elementary school.

Ho Lan's launch into stardom came when she answered an ad in the newspaper for a background guitarist at a television station. The audition lead to a subsequent televised audition on the Taiwanese talent show "Wu Ge Deng". As a result of this contest, Ho Lan became the first self-accompanied, whistling and yodeling songstress on Taiwanese television. In addition to weekly appearances on the Taiwanese variety show Chun Xing Hui, (Gathering of Stars), she sang with an eighteen-piece band at the Ambassador Hotel of Taipei. There she sang songs in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog, Polynesian, and her native languages Mandarin and Taiwanese for the visiting foreign diplomats.

Ho Lan and her signature sultry low voice charmed her audiences in Taiwan and abroad, with appearances in Singapore, and on Hong Kong and Japanese television. After performing at the 1974 World Exposition in Spokane, Washington, Ho Lan and her family immigrated to America where she sang throughout the Northwest, appearing on television in Vancouver and Victoria B. C.. She retired from the stage in the 80s and opened her own restaurant Ho Ho Teriyaki in Spokane Washington. In 2006 with the encouragement of her family, she released an album "Echo From Deep Valley," with her own composition as the title song. Distributed by, the album was selected as one of the Top 40 albums by the Dutch radio show "Wreck This Mess," generating new Ho Lan fans around the world. Ho Lan was featured in the documentary film "The Insane Logic of the Yodel," by Bart Plantenga who also featured Ho Lan in his book "Yodel in Hi-fi: from Kitsch Folk to Contemporary Electronica." Recently, a qigong clinic in Taiwan has been recommending Ho Lan's album "Echo From Deep Valley" for promoting a general sense of well-being.

七十年代前期在台灣歌壇中,賀蘭獨樹一格,她的嗓聲低沈富磁性,能用真假嗓音不斷互換的瑞士高山民歌的唱法「優德兒」(Yodeling)演唱;她能在三個八度音域中流利遊走,時而口哨,自彈吉他伴奏或與樂隊演出,在當時眾女歌手中最為瀟灑自如。她在1974年離開台灣到美國華盛頓州的斯波堪(Spokane) 世界博覽會演唱,後繼續在北美各處演唱至1983年,後定居華盛頓州斯波堪市。近年她在兩位女兒的鼓勵與支持下,制作了賀蘭專輯「幽谷傳聲」, 以她自己的創作作為主打歌,在 銷售極佳,出現了新一批的賀蘭歌迷;曾被荷蘭一家電台播出入選為「前40名專輯」。在記錄片 「優德兒唱法的驚奇邏輯」( The Insane Logic of the Yodel) 裡,收錄了賀蘭的演唱作為台灣的代表,她也出現在「世界優德兒歌手- 由民俗樂至現代電子樂」一書中(Yodelin Hi-fi: from Kitsch Folk to Contemporary Electronica,Bart Plantenga 作)。英國倫敦有家電台也播過賀蘭的曲,受到歡迎,主持人因此請求准許他們唱英文版的「幽谷傳聲」。曾有專家研究認為,優德兒唱法的頻率會使眾生產生愉快的情緒,還有原始部落認為可避邪。臺灣一家中醫院也推薦病人聽「幽谷傳聲」,以加速康復。不論什麼原因,賀蘭都很高興能唱出讓人們聽了愉快的歌曲。 © 2014 曼達拉音樂製作 版權所有