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Holly Tucker

Bio – Holly Tucker

Eighteen year-old Holly Tucker, has just completed the recording, and mastering, of the fourth CD project, of her brief, six-year professional singing career, a full-length, 12-song work entitled “Love Is What She Likes”. The young pre-teen who jumped into a little car, with her parents, Cheryl and Johnny Tucker, around the age of 12, and traveled the highways of Texas, and Louisiana, singing in country music shows, talent competitions, churches, local opry shows, and radio shows, has become a seasoned performer, who just recently was named Solo/Duo Act of the Year, and Female Vocalist of the Year, for 2011, by the Music Association of Central Texas (MACT), at their annual Groovy Awards Show, in Waco, Texas.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, to learn more about Holly, the artist, and the person. We invite you to visit this site, often, to keep up with Holly. Drop her an email, to let her know your thoughts. Her address is on the “Contact” page, at her website, Visit Holly’s brand new “Guestbook” page, while you are there, and post your comment for Holly. You could win a copy of Holly’s brand new CD, in one of our regular random drawings! If you are interested in the lyrics of any of the songs, from all 3 CDs, they are viewable on Holly's website, on the "Music" page. If you are purchasing one of Holly’s CDs, today, please come back soon, and leave a comment here, at CD Baby, to let her know your thoughts about the music.

Holly is a very down-to-earth young woman, with many interests, shared by most, if not all teenage girls---music, movies, Facebook, that special guy, shopping, songwriting, reading, playing the guitar, piano, or saxophone, dining out, travel, playing with her favorite pets, and experiencing new places and events. She has recently graduated from High School, with honors, and will attend Baylor University, beginning in the Fall of 2011, to pursue a marketing degree, in Business, majoring in music and entertainment, while minoring in Spanish. She values her friendships, and is very loyal to friends who share her interests, and support each other in their chosen paths.

Holly has a new freedom….the privilege of driving! After waiting until she turned eighteen, she has passed her drivers exams, received a “new” car, for her birthday ( a 2005, Toyota Camry LE, she affectionately named “Baby”). She can drive herself down that country road, toward her family home (or a small number of other Dad-approved, short destinations), with the windows rolled down, and the Texas wind blowing through her long, blonde hair, listening to one of her favorite country groups, such as Rascal Flatts, or solo singers, such as Martina, Carrie, Jamie, or Taylor, on the highest volume possible. That’s a great feeling! Many times those speakers in the new car are cranking out the 12 new songs, on the latest Holly Tucker CD.

That new CD, “Love Is What She Likes”, was just released, June 22nd, 2011, and will be available for purchase, and digital download, here at CD Baby, itunes, and many other places, very soon, if not already. It has been almost a year in the making, if one includes the song selection, and pre-production planning, for the project, and is, without a doubt, her best work to date. Steve Palousek, Holland, Texas native, owner/engineer of Awesome Works Recording, and veteran Nashville recording session steel guitarist, has produced a genuine masterpiece. He has personally written all the session charts, from Holly’s arrangements, played all the guitars, and one of the keyboard string tracks, and employed the services of some of Texas’ finest session musicians, such as John Stacy, Jr., on drums, and brother Hoyt Stacy, on percussion, Steve Maynard, on keyboards, Kevin Carter, on fiddle, Greg Bashara, on Alto Saxaphone, and even oldest son, Ray Palousek, on Hammond B-3 organ. The final mix was mastered by the great Jerry Tubb, at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc., in Austin, Texas, mastering house, for all of the live recordings at the long-running, critically-acclaimed, PBS television production, Austin City Limits, and it rivals ANYTHING coming out of the very best Nashville recording houses.

For the first time, Holly is offering a taste of her own writing, on this new collection. “Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, and it is a bit scary, considering I am trying to match the quality, and creativity, of all the great writers I admire so much.” said Holly, in a recent, radio interview. “But when I returned from a trip to Nashville, in 2008, I had been so inspired, by all I had experienced, that I just began writing what was on my mind, at the time. Listeners will hear the resulting song, from that burst of Music City inspiration, on the rambunctious, opening track, “Baby, Say Yes”. “I don’t know how I came up with that “Hey, yeah”, at the beginning of the song.” Holly quips, “Steve, and Dad just encouraged me to “go for it”, so I did. I hope everyone really likes it. It’s so much fun!”

The three other “Holly songs”, found scattered throughout the CD, are “Twice As Strong” (Mom, Cheryl’s personal favorite), the country rocker, “Unbreakable”, and “Could’ve Had Me”, a very soulful, personal testimony of unrequited love.

During the original recording of “Baby, Say Yes”, and “Could’ve Had Me”, in 2009, Steve Palousek introduced Holly to keyboardist Steve Maynard, and the two have been great friends ever since. Later, in 2010, when Holly was planning for this new CD, Maynard asked Holly to record the vocal for the “demo”, of four of his original songs, there at Awesome Works Recording. Holly “fell in love” with three of the songs, and asked Maynard for permission to record them, for inclusion on “Love Is What She Likes”. Maynard agreed, and now listeners can enjoy Holly’s version of “That’s Why I Love You”, “The Staying Kind”, and “Something About You”, three of the most heartfelt, classic-style country songs ever penned. “My friend, Steve Maynard is a jewel! He has been such a close “big brother”, and mentor, to me. I can never thank him enough.” says Holly, “He has a vibrant, country music career, of his own, and he chose to share some of his great writing with me. I am so blessed!!”

“Love Is What She Likes” also boasts four outstanding songs, including the title track, from the pen of Waco, Texas, gifted singer/songwriter, Chris Wommack, who is no stranger to the music scene. For years, he has cast his musical “pearls” all around the world, traveling as a full-time music evangelist, and worship leader, in the Contemporary Christian Music field. More recently, he has used his spare time, from his position as Associate Pastor, for Music Ministry, at a large Central Texas church, to compose positive country songs. His collaboration with Holly began early in 2007, when he asked her to record the vocal on the “demo” of a few of his songs, so that he might submit them to some Nashville publishing companies. As the first primitive attempts were in progress, something magical happened, where a singer and a song unite, for the perfect balance. Then, and there, a partnership was born, which led to Holly’s first, full-length, country music CD, in 2007, “It’s About Time” (more about this CD, later). Besides the precious title track, “Love Is What She Likes”, Holly is thrilled to share her version of Wommack’s newest songs, “Don’t Talk To Me”, “The Closest I’ve Ever Been”, and “One”. These songs offer a fresh diversity of style, within the progressive country genre, and promise to keep the listener coming back time, and again. Holly adds, “With Chris, you never know what to expect. You think he’s going one direction, and then he takes you on a totally different journey. It is an honor to share his songs, with all my friends and fans!”

The CD closes with a song Holly has been sharing in her concerts, for over a year, “God Don’t Make Mistakes”. This song, from young, Nashville songwriter Hillary Lindsay (“Jesus, Take The Wheel”, “So Small”, “Wasted”, and “Just A Dream”, for Carrie Underwood, “Fearless”, for Taylor Swift, and “Unstoppable”, for Rascal Flatts), is a song with a powerful message…just the kind Holly likes to deliver. “I sing to make the world a better place, and use the gift God has given me to inspire people to have hope in this world. It would be so dark without music. I just want to shed a little light.” shares Holly. “I’m so proud to say all my songs are suitable for the whole family. Anyone, of any age, can enjoy this CD”

Holly’s second CD, “For You”, a collection of four songs by Chris Wommack, highlighted the range, maturity, and increasing power of Holly’s voice, at age 15, as she grew into a seasoned entertainer. Listeners will be reminded of the vocal agility, of Gary LeVox, of Rascal Flatts, and the clarity, of Martina McBride, as the collection unfolds. The CD opens with the sassy, girl-power rocker, “Take It Like A Man”, which reminds every guy to cherish his relationship, or suffer the consequences. Then, the soulful ballad, “Anymore”, depicts a woman pledging her love, regardless of the response. Listeners will marvel, as the music, and the singer, soar through the key change, on this dramatic piece. “Swing” takes center stage, on “You’re It”, as Holly expresses a huge “crush”, and the assurance, that “this was meant to be”. It is an all-around fun experience. To close this short project, Holly, and Chris, chose “All Those Happy Endings”, a heart-wrenching story, that definitely requires more than a single review. Recording, mixing, and mastering took place in July, of 2008, in Nashville, at “The Grip”, the home-based, personal studio, of Jay Demarcus, of Rascal Flatts. Producer/engineer, Sean Neff, assembled an A-list of Nashville session players, to execute the ideas Holly, and Chris, expressed for the direction of the songs. Led by band leader Pat McGrath (acoustic guitars/band leader), Dennis Wage (keyboards), Dan Dugmore (lap, and pedal steel guitars), Larry Franklin (fiddle), J.T. Corenfloss (electric guitars), Mike Brignardello (bass), Steve Brewster (drums), and Sean Neff (electric guitars, and rhythm programming), built a completely awesome foundation of musical tracks, to support Holly’s vocal interpretations. The recording credits, of these amazing guys, would, literally, fill books. Holly was so blessed to have them join her for this project. Thanks, again, Sean, and Pat!

“It’s About Time”, Holly’s first CD, is a collection of 12 songs in the “young country” style of Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, and, one of Holly’s favorite artists, Jamie O’Neal. It features 7 original songs, also by, Chris Wommack, and 5 familiar cover songs. It was recorded in the Summer, of 2007, when Holly was 14 years old, at the local, home-based, studio of artist/producer/singer/songwriter/master teacher, Dick Gimble, son of western swing fiddle legend, Johnny Gimble. Copies of both CDs, are available, for sale, at all events where Holly performs, and at, for “It’s About Time”, and, for “For You”. Fans can listen to, or download, individual songs, there, as well.

She will continue to study piano, saxophone, and voice with private teachers, and acoustic guitar, at home, with Dad and Mom, Johnny and Cheryl Tucker. Holly is also a member of a family trio, The Tuckers, who sing positive country, and Christian music, locally, and around the state. She has been singing with her parents, in trio harmony, since the age of 3.

Holly Tucker has a bright future ahead, as she brings her music, to her friends, and fans, who appreciate her talents, and her sincere, wholesome approach to the positive country music she loves to sing and perform.

Enjoy the music!! And enjoy your friend, Holly Tucker!!!