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Hsia-Jung Chang

". . . Hsia-Jung Chang's touch, her own personal atmosphere of artistry and musical honesty. I compare her more readily to yesterday's pianists, in a good sense, like Moriz Rosentahl, Ignaz Friedman or even Emil von Sauer, than to contemporary players."
- Swedish critic Ingvar Loco Nordin

"Hsia-Jung Chang is a distinctive and important new voice in the annals of pianism: I'll be watching her with keen anticipation." - New York critic Harris Goldsmith

A native of Taiwan, Hsia-Jung Chang grew up listening to her famous mother, composer/yodeler/guitarist/TV personality Ho Lan, whose musical repertoire ranged from Taiwanese folk songs to flamenco to her own guitar transcriptions of Chopin. Hsia-Jung Chang is equally at home performing Hummel’s Mozart Symphony transcriptions on fortepiano, and Chopin Etudes on Viennese1828 Graf piano, as well as Carman Moore’s Mystery of Tao on synthesizer. Chang has premiered and commissioned numerous works by composers in the United States and Scandinavia. She has recorded close to 60 works by Frédéric Chopin. Chang has been featured live on radio and television, including KUHT, KAMU, Danish National radio, Taiwan radio and TV, and on Indian TV in 2007 as the music ambassador for World Aids Day.
In 2002, together with her sister, singer/pianist/Grammy-nominated recording engineer Hsi-Ling Chang, and her mother Ho Lan, Chang started the independent record label Mandala Studio, LLC. Since then the three artists have combined their talents to produce first-rate recordings and mind-bending music videos.

鋼琴家張夏榕在台灣出生,她的母親就是「群星會」歌星賀蘭 , 那位在六十年代獨樹一格 , 自彈吉它, 會用瑞士山區優德調唱歌的瀟灑歌手。 張夏榕從小聆聽母親排演不同風格的歌曲,包括台灣與各國民謠,西班牙吉普賽舞曲,甚至自己改編的蕭邦琴曲。張夏榕就讀台北光仁小學三年級音樂班時,隨家人赴美 。

張夏榕既擅長於獨奏,也嫺於室內樂合奏。她彈奏的曲目廣泛,宜古宜今﹔她在紐約州一九九六年九七年「州府室內樂演奏家」音樂會系列上彈奏古鋼琴﹐她也熱心介紹當今作曲家的新作,在紐約「新作品」系列發表會上﹐紐約Storm King 音樂節與瑞典Edsvik市的美國室內樂音樂節中,她都為當代作曲家首次公開演奏他們的新曲。美國KUHT電視台與KAMU﹐KPBX都播出過她的演奏。

紐約音樂會論刊最近就她在 Carnegie Weill廳的演奏贊賞說,“她是鋼琴年史上一位出色重要的新琴聲。”請她擔任客座演講的計有紐約的曼哈坦音樂學院與喬治王子社區學院﹐以及中國大陸的瀋陽音樂學院與東北大學。張夏榕也參與紐約大都會歌劇同仁協會的推廣計劃,為兒童介紹歌劇。

張夏榕最新專輯Debussy 德布西評論:

“張夏榕傳遞了德布西的精髓…這張專輯輕易地成為了最好的詮釋之一, 即德布西音樂音響世界之準繩.”
- 美國評論家 Marvin J. Ward, Classical Voice of North Carolina

“簡直是 – 盡文字所能的最佳形容 – 不是現代的音響…令人百聽不厭!”
- 瑞典評論家 Ingvar Nordin

“她的演奏非同凡響, 她的詮釋引人入勝…密切期待聆聽這位音樂藝術家更多的作品. 這是本週“我心愉悅”之精選。”
- 美國電台節目主持人 Kara Dahl Russell, Delmara Public Radio WSCL