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Impending Reflections

The Impending Reflections story is very special. It is one of family, the true love of music and an organic journey that continues to be an incredible ride. This emerging rock band based out of Rhode Island officially formed in 2012 and has a very unique quality that most bands do not possess. They consist of two fathers, their sons and a close friend who is considered family. Their music brings back creative meaningful songwriting and diversity that is lacking in the industry today.

What started off as just a "generation jam" session for fun, turned into the idea of creating original music that could blend two generations of influences and create memories that will last a lifetime! There was instant magic and energy. Their story is rather special and would take a while to tell, but here is the quick version.

The fathers, Emil Belisle and Dave Taillon, shared the stage together on the local scene for many years in a fairly successful original/cover band. Emil on drums and Dave on rhythm guitar, they were the founding members of Silent Fury that formed in high school and hit the New England club scene full time in the mid 80's. Life took a turn in the mid 90’s as they both started families. While music continued to play an important role in their lives, it took a backseat to the more important priorities at the time. These two formed a brotherly bond and continued to write original music together over the years.

Many, many moons later, Ryan Belisle (Emil’s son) began taking an interest in the drums and Jonathan Taillon (David’s son) the guitar. They both excelled and had a natural talent. Ryan and Jon had become the best of friends growing up and in 2010 they started their first band called Static alongside their close friend Scott Follett. The three began to grow together musically. They initiated the idea of the generation jam, not knowing what it would eventually lead to.

Fast-forward to 2012, the year they decided to start seriously writing music together. Emil, now playing acoustic guitar and singing, has turned over the drumsticks to Ryan. Dave is now playing lead guitar, alongside Jon who plays rhythm guitar. Scott, who started out as a guitarist, took the challenge of bass and has been nothing short of spectacular. He is another natural talent. It was like all the planets and stars aligned. So, the journey officially began for Impending Reflections (also becoming known as I.R.)!

The five began writing original music that perfectly blends two generations of influences. This also gives them the unique ability to maintain a creative originality and diverse storytelling style that stands out from all others. In 2013 the band released their first self recorded EP entitled Worlds Collide. Originally intended to be just for them, it began to get a great response online. So they decided to officially become a band and see where this journey could take them. Next thing you know, they started playing local shows. Live performances were never even a thought when this all started. On stage they have a seasoned presence and sound, along with an energy that is infectious! They have already shared the stage with such acts as Anvil, Scare Don’t Fear, Outline in Color and Shadows Fall! It seemed natural for them to continue working on evolving those EP songs and set their sights on writing new material for a studio project.

The end result is their first full-length professional studio album “Kindred”. The 12 tracks resonate with a powerful rhythm section, catchy riffs, deep meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies. All while displaying diversity that sets them apart. Each song tells a story and paints a vivid picture about life, choices and society that listeners can connect with. They also teamed up with a local comic book creator and wrote a song based on his comic series Hellion, which ended up being the bonus track on the album.

The Impending Reflections fan base continues to grow. The band has held the #1 spot on multiple occasions for Rock in Rhode Island on ReverbNation. They held this top spot for several consecutive months and they have continued to be in the top 10 for well over a year. Everyone in I.R. is humbled by the continued outreach of support. This is one band that sincerely appreciates all their fans!

The journey continues…

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