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Jeff Coleman

I started playing blues on the family piano when I was in high school. I was one of those hippy freaks, used to carry a harmonica in my pocket, and I would play along with anyone that could stand it. This led to a band gig playing classic rock, only we didn't know that's what it was at the time.

After high school found a spot playing bass with a bluegrass band. (somebody told me to learn to play bass and I'd always be able to get work, and that was good advice) Bought an old accordion and started working it in on fiddle tunes. Me and our mandolin player would skank reggae riddims between songs...

A period of state-sponsored self-education (unemployment) got me started on guitar, and when the bluegrass band ended I went into another rock band, playing stuff like Little Feat in college bars for very little money. Around this time I began experimenting with recording by bouncing tracks between two cassette machines. I was given a reel to reel machine, which was a step up, and I began to acquire more recording gear. This turned into the Cat Ranch studio, and I began recording other people.

I had been writing songs since the first blues piano days, songs and bad poetry. The songs must have been better than the poetry- one of them, You Make Me, became a regional hit for a local band. I got into a different band and we had a good following in clubs. We traveled to CBGB in NYC a couple of times to play, doing original punk and New Wave stuff, and released a single on our own.

The next band I was in played classic rock, and by this time it really was classic. I was still writing songs. We recorded a cassette and a CD together, and played locally for around 7 years. It was a good, tight rock band.

After that band I joined one doing more complex arrangements, with intense vocal harmonies. I was lucky to be allowed to play mostly lead guitar with them, making my part a lot easier- there were often two vocal rehearsals a week in addition to full band rehearsals. The results were excellent, but opportunities were limited. Next came a world-beat band, and I used the old accordion for the African and Latin songs we played. We recorded a CD, our music being described as "sort of like a bar band in Singapore", in a good way.

After the world-beat band, I gave playing out a rest for a while, and concentrated on working in my Steam Powered Studio. By this time it was possible to post songs online (I know, it's hard to believe that all that stuff happened before there was a world wide web! I'm pretty ancient I suppose...) We began posting songs to, and I began my own web site.

Lately I've been sitting in with various players, doing some blues and some folk. I've got a "regular" gig with a sort of Irish/Americana band. At least we're booked every St. Patties day. Still writing a lot of music, experimenting with all sorts of things, like alternative tunings and plastic ukes. As you might have guessed by now, I'm not easy to categorize stylistically. I guess my favorite music is Memphis soul, and Led Zep, and 60's pop, and Tunisian, and...