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JP Ranger Band

The JP Ranger Band is based in Ottawa, Canada and is made up of four veteran musicians who, through the years, have mastered various music styles ranging from: Rock, R&B, Pop, Americana, Blues, Classic, Prog Rock, Country and Folk. What makes the JP Ranger Band interesting and cool is the way they can 'turn on a dime' and play a heavy Rock piece, and then switch over to an R&B song or another music style, and retain the audience’s attention, while maintaining a cohesive band spirit. The audience also transcends all age groups. The band likes to think there is no such thing as ‘age’.

"You just never know what they're going to play next, or where they're going to take you musically. You’re into every moment, and you enjoy each song to the last drop", one fan wrote of their live shows.

Before we let the music do the talking let's introduce the musicians.

The JP Ranger Band are:

J.P. Ranger: Lead Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitar
JP is a native of Hull, Québec. JP started singing and playing guitar at age 9. By age 13, he played in a band and wrote original songs. Over four decades, JP evolved into a solid multifaceted singer/songwriter. His strengths are his stage presence, rich vocals, melodies, and the conviction and raw energy he delivers to a live audience. He is a highly versatile songwriter creating music in his own unique style. His songs tell the story of romance won and lost, and the many roads that we travel down the highway of life. He also writes about current social issues and doesn't shy from taking a stand, such as on the environment. The song Mother’s Fury will testify to the latter.

During the 80s and 90s, JP played with various bands. He was the front man for the Prog Rock band The Rape of the Lock. TROTL toured mostly in Eastern Canada and released a 70 minute compilation album in 1998. Since then, JP has performed regularly in a one-man show that he continues to perform and perfect, and he also performs with the JP Ranger Band. In 2009, JP released the album titled JP Ranger 'Living Here'.

Rey (the Rey Man) Cote: Saxophone, Lead Guitar, Mandolin
Rey is native of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. He is a consummate musician both teacher and player of music. He has a wealth of experience and is versatile. Though saxophone is his main instrument, he also handles the lead guitar of the band, as well as the mandolin. He is also adept at other instruments. Rey also has a great sense of humor that can sometimes pop up in his playing unexpectedly. The end of the song Yéha will attest to this. Instead of ending the song where everyone else ended, Rey kept on roaring on the sax like a Jim Carey saying: “Somebody Stop Me!”
Many of Rey's initial takes are a one of a kind performances and often wind up on a final music mix of a song. Rey keeps the band grounded into not taking itself too seriously. Keeping things Rockin’ and fun.

Glen Scammell: Electric Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass, 5 String Bass and Upright Bass
Glen is a native of Gander, Newfoundland who was transplanted to Ottawa, Ontario at a young age.
He wanted to play Bass the first time he heard Deep Purple's album 'Machine Head'. Simply put. When Glen plays a Rock song he Rocks. When he crosses over into Jazz, he grooves like an old soul. When he plays a Blues tune, Willie Dixon would be proud. He can play it straight, use a fretless bass or hammer it like Jaco Pastorius. Some bass players are solid; however, Glen is solid and artistic. Glen has collaborated with John Cody who worked with Tom Cochrane, Bonnie Rait, Holly Cole, Larry Klien and Sharon Stone. Glen has also played with numerous bands and is also a session player and engineer/producer through his work with his own creation called ‘Gone Electric Studios’.

Gilles Cholette: Drums & Percussions, Back Vocals
Gilles is a native of Sudbury, Ontario. Gilles started playing with drum sticks only in Grade 8 playing on chairs and tables and anything else he could find. Gilles eventually made his way into music at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. He then moved to Toronto, Ontario and played with the likes of many popular Toronto area bands such as Sundown and Joe Hall and the Continental Drift. He also toured with Max Mouse and the Gorillas and played with the Blues band Alligator Combo from Ottawa, Ontario.

Gilles eventually enrolled in a music program at York University. After he graduated, he moved to the nation's capital where teaches music and imbues the passion of music to students in public schools. Gilles is a great 'live' performer and session drummer. What comes out mostly in his playing is this great ‘human feel’ he gives to all of of his performances, and he does this time and time again in any given music style.