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United States - South Carolina

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It becomes self evident the moment you hear her sing just a few notes; With a voice that floats effortlessly and a style that could rip any runway, people want to know; Who is this girl?

Brittany “Katera” Anderson (West Columbia, SC) began singing as a toddler and quickly grasped the attention of her parents after discovering her ability to hear and play melodies on the piano without any training. An enthusiast of the arts since grade school, she began writing songs before even hitting her teens and at age 16 she recorded and performed her first original song “She Can't Love You.”

Pursuing her college degree at the University of South Carolina, Katera quickly wowed her colleagues with her passion for music. Preparing to head out into the world after graduation, she began making a mark on her capital city, Columbia.

Her genre? Not one that you'd expect from this afro-wearing miss. In fact, to put this savvy southerner in a box would be quite complex. With her iPod play list ranging from The Jackson 5 to Maroon 5, her original tunes cover a wide variety of musical styles. Her melodic tone may influence you to classify her as “Rhtyhmn & Blues”; Her vocal emotion may have you feeling a little “Neo-Soul”; and her catchy hooks may sway you in the direction of “Pop.” So what do we call it? Don't let us peer- pressure you...listen for yourself. Just know that this songstress has a distinct sound that you can easily identify as her own.

Currently working on her debut album, she continues to flirt with her other artistic talents including the designing of her t-shirt line, Fasanella. You might catch Katera at your local open mic night, performing at a rally on the State House steps, or maybe even on a popular social networking site covering one of your favorite songs. Whatever the case, no matter what funky hair-do, or sassy stilettos this singing fashionista chooses to rock, one thing that she will always rock is the stage.