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Kathryn Joy Foster

WHO would have thought the six-year old tender, little girl in Mrs. Burns’ Neighborhood Choir would mature to become a Spirit-filled instrument of praise? Kathryn Joy Foster’s grandmother, Sarah “Big-Ma” Burns, began her music legacy with many opportunities to sing with the other neighborhood children. Having foreseen the anointing resting upon her life, her grandmother was honored to name her third granddaughter after her pastor, the late Kathryn Kuhlman. Not only was music her root, but also the unadulterated Word of God was constantly reinforced. WHO would have thought that practicing classical piano could teach one to play so skillfully that the Heavenly Father reserves a front row seat even during rehearsals? Under the late Alice Henderson, Kathryn privately developed her music discipline achieving concert pianist acclaim after studying over ten years. Kathryn has played piano for over almost 50 years with the last years emphasis on the keyboards for songwriting and arranging for solo, group, and choir performances. WHO would have thought that singing solo in a citywide music competition would pave the way for her to be handpicked by the Heavenly Father to minister praise and worship? In Jr. High School Kathryn’s music teacher Tillie Taylor Cottner coached her to sing which resulted in her being ranked the highest possible score in the female soloist category. Later Kathryn formally studied privately under Carolyn Sloan Smith for two and one-half years at the Sutphen School of Music. Upon enrollment, Kathryn was placed as an advanced voice student. Her soprano voice has an extended four-octave range. Her hope was to replicate her mother’s, Mary Foster, soprano voice. WHO would have thought that being linked to a singing group that relished original music would be the beginning of an electric music catalog that has been defined as melodies from heaven? Under the direction of Maestro Glenn Brackens, Kathryn sang soprano and toured for over three years, performing in New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, and throughout Ohio cities. On occasion, Kathryn taught some of her originals, orchestrated music, served as vocal coach and once as Concert Master. Instituting the character “Grandma” while singing with the ensemble, Kathryn stills plays the comical and spry, old lady for her own stage productions. Kathryn served as Music Director for a number of church choirs, singing groups, and municipal employee music program. Added to her musical legacy is Heaven Drenched Online Radio Station—featuring a multi-genre playlist—where Kathryn serves as the Radio Station Executive. Surrounded by many vibrant compositions, Kathryn has continued to write music and pen lyrics totaling well over 80 songs and six stage productions that are ripe for performing, publishing, producing and licensing through her four businesses: Kathryn Joy Foster Music Ministries, KeyNote Music Service, Kaleidisc International, and Read All Over Publishing. She describes her originals as international gospel because each song authenticates one voice. Her repertoire includes: praise & worship; classical; contemporary; children’s; musical theater; hip hop; calypso; soaking; world, Latino and Jewish melodies. Life is the Blood is her debut CD and mp3 release which she served as the executive producer, producer, songwriter, psalmist, musician. Her debut single, Hiding Place and her sophomore single for children, Always Room for One More were produced by David L. Munford, Jr. SO WHO would have thought that the fragments of her life would score the masterpiece that only God could orchestrate? It was no surprise to God for his all seeing eyes chose Kathryn Joy Foster to fulfill his musical tour as his sanctuary from her mother’s womb. It was there that she captured his vision. It was there that God sown his image in her heart. It is now that the world can experience fresh, anointed symphonies crafted by the hand of God through the melodic voice of Kathryn Joy Foster, the Psalmist's Sanctuary.