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Kevin Schroeder

With music that is at once cinematic, industrial and beat-oriented you would think that Kevin Schroeder spent his childhood between working in a forge, English meadows and the Spice Mines of Kessel. Sadly, no. He spent his formative years on a chicken farm in Southern Manitoba where his Mom tried desperately to get him to play the piano. It never really took but at age 14 he picked up his Mom’s classical guitar over summer holidays and started playing.
The months went by and given that Kevin actually showed some interest in sticking to something, his parents took him to a guitar shop and bought him his first guitar. It was a silver Series A which he plugged into a 10 watt Crate amp.

Over the years he played in various small bands and to various dogs (farming communities generally do not have large crowds) eventually joining with some friends to create a band. They played one gig and then lost the drummer. Given the volume at which the band played it’s surprising anybody noticed that the drummer left.

After graduating from High School with honors (in that he was honored that he actually managed to graduate) he spent some time building chain link fences. This had nothing to do with music.

During this time period he started programming and decided that programming was more likely than music to provide an income. He was probably right. Over the next several years he inexplicably increased in stature as a developer, consultant and even a book author.

But the dream of writing music still lingered.

In 2009 he started working on what some could have described as music and in 2010 released his first album called Coronal Loop Safari. He immediately started working on a second album but due to personal circumstances that got put on hold after a song or two.

Later in 2011 he slowly started to continue working on the second album mostly during the early morning hours. The new album started to take shape. On May 1st 2012 he released the new album, titled “Loudness Wars” to the world as a commentary on the state of music production in the United States. Actually, he did it because it might be good SEO and it sounded cool… plus he found a wicked cool public domain picture on Wikipedia to use as an album cover.

With the release of the new album he received accolades from programmers and family members around the world.