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Producer, Composer, Bassist, BandLeader, Sound Visionary.

Always on the musical edge- lee is a fresh voice -

his music ?
a universe of sound and rhythm...

 With 12 solo albums recorded and released on his own label Cyberia Records, lee’s musical career has taken him on a deep musical journey through blues, country, latin and Spanish music, worldrock , deep electro ambient soundworlds, to the Ambient world Music he makes now.
“My music is more than fame and riches- its about creating beautiful sound that uplifts spirits, breathing into the listener a confidence and strength of heart- I am leaving a legacy that will have to be discovered. I am out there, doing it, leading bands, playing in bands, writing albums, playing shows.”
"At one point I got turned onto 'My life in the Bush of Ghosts',  Pat Metheny, Steve Roach, Bill Laswell, Paco de Lucia and Shankar's musical at once, and that was it- my musical life was charted out for the next 25 years. These guys were huge influences. This set of Geniuses stretched music in whole new ways, pushing and re invigorating all music- they didn't just put out good albums, they changed culture." In 2003 he launched his full catalogue onto the internet, one of  the first recording artists to capitalize on the new technology, now reaching over 100,000 listeners worldwide.
He has assimilated all of his influences into the work he does as Bassist in David Correa's Band, Cascada, a Pan American Global brew of Spanish Guitar, Afro Cuban and Middle Eastern Rhythms, and his band- The Musical Universe playing world rocking classics 

Lee started studying in recording arts 1986 and got turned onto the world of Klaus Stockhausen and Morton Subotnik, early pioneers in electronic music- this was 1987- In 1994 lee met Dwight Loop- famed electronic music pioneer- they started playing together, lee quickly becoming an acolyte and a devoted student of Dwight’s sound and approach to music. Their ensuing friendship evolved to continually working together on new fresh visonary music- recording many albums together -and still collaborate when they can.
Lee’s composing career began in 1994 with the infamous ‘UswethemtheY’ album
( Santa Fe).
Throughout the 80‘s, 90‘s and 10‘s, lee continued adding and learning new songs of the day, playing in four powerful musical rock and world music projects throughout this era- Groove Merchants, Trio Solea, TonePharaoh and Sacred Human Energy (SHE)

1986 - Critical Town- We are Not - (World Rock) Cassette
1991 - Uncle Russ and the Blue Caravan - ( Blues Rock) - Cassette
1994 UswethemtheY” (downtempo world pop - Cyberia Records) in Santa Fe
1998 - Groove Merchantz - ( World Rock - Cyberia Records)
1999 Tone Pharaoh” ( Darkwave- Cyberia Records/Third Ear Music)
1999 - Trio Solea - The Language of her eyes ( Spanish Guitar )
2000 - Sacred Human Energy: Daughters of the Sun - with Irina
2003 - WISH (Instrumental Rock Cyberia Records)
2003 - EarthAlien - leehoward, Dwight Loop and Justin parker
2004 - EarthAlien- Ominosity - leehoward, Dwight Loop and Justin Parker
2007 - Membrane - leehoward and Chris Capriotti
2007’s Tropozone- live in concert 2006-2008 at Lynn Augstein’s Cobalt Sun Gallery- A Gathering of the Tribe” ( Electro-experimental soundscapes)
2007- 2012 - David Correa and Cascada - Latin Guitar
2009 - Exit Hercules- leehoward and Grant Warrens
2010 - 10, 000 Mercies - leehoward
2011 - EarthAlien - Hypnotizer
2011 - leehoward-Prayers for the Living 
2012 - leehoward- Generosity -
2013 - Between Night and Day Sessions- The Best of leehoward 2000-2013
2014 - EarthAlien - People are Strange - their Best Work 2003-2013
2016 - EarthAlien - Make Peace with the World
2017- Rampant Egos Conspiracy - Fallen Devils -Double Album
2017 - Critical Town - The Outskirts -3 cd Boxed Set
2017 - EarthAlien- Grace. Period
2017 - leehoward- Children of the Universe - Double Album
2018 - EarthAlien- A Collection of their finest Works - 2004-2018 - Volume 1

" I have swallowed whole my influences, they have nourished me for many years- all the names and players, all of the music I have listened to to get me to where I am; they have blessed me and  have set me free- It is now my voice coursing through the music. It is my voice I hear in my head. It is my choice of notes my hands are free to play. It is my heart beating inside the rhythms. My job is to rock steady, to help guide the music to seamlessly flow off the stage,  into your heart, through your body, across your soul,  right down into your shoes,  and like water, lift you up off your ass onto the dancefloor...its still all about joy and, friends, Dance!”

leehoward- at an undisclosed location in the Mountains, northern New Mexico - - 2018