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Leslie Lightfall

Leslie's new album, "Sing To The Morning" is the latest creative "child" born out of a spiritual and creative journey that began over 30 years ago. Leslie experienced a period of intense dreaming for about 5 weeks in 1979, waking up each morning with 5-6 pages of notes about her dreams. Her dreams challenged a lot of what she believed about herself and a few months later she started writing music and creating artwork. At first the music was just short piano pieces, then one day she set a poet's lyrics to music and soon was writing her own songs.

Too timid to perform them, she got others to sing them for her. Leslie then started writing choral pieces for a local church choir, eventually starting up a choir at another church. Soon she was writing 2- and 3-part songs to use with congregations, because she loved to get people singing. This led to doing in home concerts with lots of audience participation and a New Thought Music Regional award in 1989.

A couple of years later she was asked to direct a 60-voice choir while the directors were gone on a trip to Europe, and soon thereafter Leslie formed her own 10-voice ensemble to help her develop her choral compositions as well as perform them.

In 1994 she spent 5 weeks camping in Alaska, and returned to create a Wilderness Concert with her ensemble, the Riversong Singers. Getting ready to rehearse for the concert one evening, she saw a vision of people standing in geometric formations, toning and moving energy in very profound ways and heard the term "sound sculpture" in her mind.

After the concert, Leslie parted ways with her ensemble and began exploring singing and sounding, using the voice as a transformational tool for healing and Self-awareness. This led eventually to teaching improvisational choral singing, and working with groups on solstices and equinoxes to celebrate the Earth and commune with Earth and Spiritual energies.

In 2000 she was gifted with a piece of pounamu, the greenstone that is native to New Zealand and felt strongly called to go spend time there. In 2004 she arrived in Auckland, NZ and began a new chapter in her transformational journey. Everywhere she went, throughout both the north and south islands, the land spoke to her, demanding that she sing to it, and thus her current EarthSinging work was born.

2009 was a year of traveling from NZ to sing to and commune with the dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii, the sea turtles on Kauii, to do computer work in Ashland, OR, sing to the land where the glaciers are melting in Iceland, returning back to the Big Island and then home to NZ. to create her new EarthSong CD, "Sing To The Morning".

Leslie now travels internationally, going where she is called to go to honor and celebrate the Earth, to align and harmonize human and Earth energies and to commune with the spirits of the Ancient Ones and the humans who are stewarding the land in each place.

Leslie is available as a facilitator and consultant to work with individuals and groups who are interested in deepening their connection to Earth and spiritual energies by exploring EarthSinging, soul-inspired creative Self-expression and co-creative group processes. She also shares through her own creative expressions (CDs, DVDs, and artwork).

Academic training in the USA included a BA degree in Mathematics, teaching credential for elementary and adult education, post-graduate coursework in Transpersonal Counseling, and an MA in Consciousness Studies with an emphasis on Expressive Arts and Holistic Education. You will find links to websites of many of Leslie’s other post-graduate teachers and mentors on the Links page of her website.