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Liliana Kohann Liliana's Songs and Lullabies for Children

Liliana Kohann

Liliana Kohann is a singer/songwriter, poet and illustrator from Poland, residing in America. She grew up in the beautiful city of Gdansk, Poland. Under the terror of a communist regime, she was forced to experience life in a different, challenging and interesting way.

As a strong-minded, intuitive and extremely creative child, although popular among her peers, she was frequently misunderstood by teachers, and even her parents, and often drifted to the world of imagination. Writing down, since early childhood, her inner dialogs, poems, songs and stories became a form of survival, an escape from the world she had to deal with, and at the same time a bridge to her own core of being.

By the time she was 19, she had written over 500 poems and short stories within the pages of her journals. She was beginning to be recognized, and awarded for her beautiful voice and unusually creative and inspirational songs and writings. After she took first place in a national competition for songwriters and performers, the Communist Authorities issued a statement that she would not be allowed to perform in the next competition, as her words were “too expressive.” This, and other unusual tragic life circumstances that were to follow, lead her to America.

No matter what happened in her new life in this country, she would always pick herself up and start over with even more determination. There was, however, one thing that she didn’t pick up for a long time, and that was her pen. It took her fifteen years before she would write again.

Only a few years ago, as a single mother of three little boys, she began a search for the inner child she had left somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. And it was in that process that she resumed her writings. Her lyrics and poetry so cleverly interweave the depth and wisdom derived from her life, with playfulness and great humor, that everyone will find her work irresistibly compelling, deeply enriching, and highly entertaining.

"When I think of Liliana's music these words come to mind: depth, intelligence, beauty and healing."
-- Robert White Johnson, Writer/Producer (Celine Dion, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beach Boys)

“Not since the first time I heard Barbra have I been as touched and impressed by a singer and her music
as I have been by Liliana.”
--Marty Ehrlichman, the discoverer and manager of Barbra Streisand.

“Liliana’s style of writing (and drawing) is simple, direct and has a wonderful childlike quality and yet the wisdom contained within these poems is profound and psychologically sophisticated. I especially recall the one day when Liliana was reciting one of her poems and the thought that kept running through my mind was that this was Dr. Seuss for adults!
Lilting, fun, the mental pictures easily and quickly evoked by her poems seem to allow adults to listen with their "guards down" and the poems' messages, therefore hit a deeper place in the listener's psyche."
--Linda Leftwitch, PhD

"You must never stop singing!"
--Pope John Paul II

"I hope that you have the strength to leave all that is unproductive, destructive, and miserable in your life, and I hope that you have the courage to welcome, to seek, and to embrace all that is good, constructive and wonderful."
--Liliana Kohann

"Behind the night there is a light.
What really is a shadow?
Embrace them both: idleness, growth,
all blooms on your life's meadow."
--A fragment of Liliana's song Embrace
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