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MALADIALUM is a music project from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a music enriched with Indonesian ethnic-folk tone. Combining classics such as Violin & Cello, to traditional such as Dayak, Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese, Moluccas, and Papuan instruments, Maladialum attain a lofty quality of long-lost earthy melody.

Every good story is born out of the hands of good storyteller. Ours?
It starts from Briegel Bagenda, to whom nature bestow its million-years old tales.
He passed it relentlessly, through various jammings and finger-dancing along the strings, which works like magnet, and attract other storytellers ahold. Now, eight in unity, we are ready to set off;
Briegel Bagenda, Marudut Hasiholan, Ponco Bramantyo, Raditya Iskandar, Pingkan Wulan, Ridho Afwan, David Hutajulu, Zulkifly Syam.

With messages to convey melodies to play, we present you, the sincerest of all:
MALADIALUM is a music project enriched with Indonesian ethnic-folk-tone, combining classics to traditional. It attain a lofty quality of long-lost earthy melody.

Music project that carries a message to all living creatures about honoring and keeping close to indigenous people from all tribes through organic music that keeps alive the tradition of local, ethnic instruments.

Tuned in 432Hz,
Organic Music that heals.