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Matthew L. Fisher

I wasn’t introduced to piano at the age of 4, I never took piano lessons growing up, and I never really had an interest in music until I was about 16. At 16, I wanted to be in a band so bad that I started tinkering on the piano at my house. I soon found that I could play songs I heard by ear. I got excited and started imitating any and every song I heard.

After playing songs by ear for a few months, it started to get old. None of the songs I heard in bands could provoke the emotions that I wanted to hear in music. I started to hear songs in my own head while sitting in class at school and was eager to get home and put them to piano. I started out with just playing single notes, and then found which notes on the keyboard could be played with other notes. This was my way of learning chords. I soon became obsessed with playing piano, and would play for countless hours every day.

The first songs I made were very simplistic and will probably never see the light of day. However, I was determined to get better and make something that people might actually want to listen to. I don’t even know how many nights I spent without sleep figuring out what sounded good on a piano. I blame my bad grades in high school on the piano. I continued making piano songs for fun throughout high school.
During my first year in college, my mom overheard a piano song I was playing. She told me she loved what I was playing. This was the very first time I heard someone say that they really enjoyed what I was playing. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to make a piano album and start taking music to the next level.

Over the course of the following year I worked on making piano music almost every day, and many nights. I remember once getting so involved with a song that I played through the night, and it wasn’t until daylight peaked into my room that I knew it was already morning.

I am currently working hard on expanding my knowledge of music and the technology to make it more creative. Orchestra has recently become a big influence for my music, and I have been learning how I can use it in my songs to make music with more depth than ever before. I can’t wait for you to hear the upcoming piano and orchestra songs I make. I also sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy the music I make.