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Melborne Moon

With five solo albums to his credit, Pop/Rock singer-songwriter Melborne Moon knows his way around a song. His clear voice both quietly invites you inside his world and challenges you to hear him out. While some have deemed Moon the master of the tortured relationship song, a closer listen often reveals songs having more to do with social and political commentary and personal reflection than with love gone wrong.

“It really is a mixture of it all” Moon says. “Yes, many are about relationships, but not necessarily the type some may think. I find myself writing a lot about how people interact with each other in society... the barriers we put up between us... religion, politics, race, nationality, etc. There’s a part of me that keeps trying to somehow forge a way through all that. That’s partially what the song “Dust Storm” is about... a person struggling to make some sort of peace, whether it be within his or herself or out in the world... and wanting to see some proof, even if it’s small, that it’s all been worth it. There are also some songs that, while they may appear to be written to someone else, are actually at least partially written to myself. So, I guess that’s kind of a relationship too... how I see myself, treat myself... laugh at myself.”

On Melborne’s latest album “Messed Up”, you see glimpses of the various styles he has experimented with over the years, from the occasional forays into the more Pop/Folk of his youth to the moody, electronic sounds and textures found on more recent work. But, at the heart of it all, the one constant is Moon’s poignant lyrics, at times playful and at other times probing, and the elegant, uncluttered melodies, mostly played on his instrument of choice, the piano.

Born in 1971, Melborne spent most of his childhood in a small country town in the mountains of California, not far from Yosemite National Park. Raised in a musical family, he plays several instruments besides piano, including violin, trumpet and guitar.

“There wasn’t a movie theatre or a bowling alley. We had a great pizza place though!” Moon laughs. “Mostly, there were just lots of rocks, trees and mountains to climb. I don’t think I really appreciated the beauty of it at the time and spent a lot of time indoors. But, it had a way of forcing you to be creative.”

And create, he did. Although Moon was mostly a visual artist in his younger years, winning many “Best of Shows” at county fairs and later in High School having his work displayed in the state capital. “I know there were probably quite a few people who were surprised that I eventually went mostly into music” Moon says. “I still love to draw and hope to do more in the future. But, there’s something about the feeling of creating and singing music that keeps pulling, almost dragging me back.”

Some of Melborne’s artwork can be seen on the cover of his 2nd album and in the design of his current website. He also drew the cartoon-like self-portrait on the cover of his latest album “Messed Up”. Melborne Moon currently resides in Columbia, Maryland with his wife and young son.