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Michael Butler

Michael has had some great life experiences and tells his story through his songs.

He is eager to share his present musical projects with the world, especially because he is coming back from a world of cover songs, to where it all begin, his originals. For roughly the last 8 years Michael has been recording his material that spans over many genres and styles, a 40 year career in music. He started writing songs as early as 5 and by the age of 14 was scoring some popping tunes.
Now bit by bit, he’s getting all these newer and older precious nuggets out into the universe via CDbaby (Including Itunes ).

Presently it’s 12 CD’s in the works with previous releases being:
Every TURN 1998
GRAVY 2010
NEW SINGLE: Central Park Rollerblade Square August 2018

Michael 2018 is focused on his Folk music and has been for some time now. Call it Modern Folk, Americana, Acoustic driven jams - or just the Beatles doing Norwegian Wood,
3 of the new 12 Cd’s will be of this style, as well the forefront of what he’s about…the here & now.
First title release is titled “Thomas Cutrofello,” coming this Fall.

Any chance Butler gets, he takes his opening to create mellifluous melodies where he gets lost in his music and recordings. Future CD’s will include guest singers from many musical genres... 12 CD’s allows the wealth to be spread around.

This project will also include echoes of his distant past: ‘80s New Wave, Hard Rock, R&B
and some new “stumbled on” territory “Techno Music”.

Michael’s influences start at the top of rock and roll’s most stunning songwriters: Lennon & McCartney, Stevie Wonder,
Elton, Sly Stone, The Rolling Stones... His music as well has been compared to European stars such as Denmark's Thomas Helmig, Sweden's Patrik Issakson, and Ireland's Glen Hansard.

Born in Long Island New York and having been a resident of the NYC for close to 30 years, Michael has had a variety of jobs, performing and entertaining partiers from Broadway to Wall Street in a variety of venues.

It was no accident that Michael found interest and encouragement from a variety of industry mavens, most notably—in 1981— by legendary CBGB owner Hilly Krystal, who had him and his High School Band (Blue Fyre) as an opening act on weekends for a period of time. Hilly as well offered to manage the band early on, plus mentioned them in Billboard magazine as a band to watch for the 80’s. Circa 1985, Hilly urged Michael to hook up with Vernon Reid - Later of “Living Color” fame – because he felt they’d make a good team. Butler didn’t, since he had a strong belief was in his own band.

His “Every Turn” song (from the 1998 CD of the same name) expresses the twists and turns he’s taken over the years transitioning from New Wave to “Metal” but still making some phenomenal music in the process. His “ Hard Rock “demo , entitled “Horse Power” got him a meetings and request from Def Jam and MCA Records, and is still one of Butler’s personal favorites.

By the 1990s, Michael was performing weekly at New York's Times Square “O’Flaherty’s Ale House”, a cover gig that lasted 11 years and had the likes of Pete Townshend (plus Other WHO Members) and all the top actors from the Broadway plays & movies of the time in his audience. Michael also has performed to great success in Europe, having shows in Germany, Holland, Estonia, Denmark and Ireland…

Which brings us to Europe:
“It was my own mini Beatlemania” Butler says with a look of “words can not express”. He continues, “One thing America doesn’t tell ya is how loved African Americans are over in Europe…It’s the first shock one has to absorb. After that, you add dreadlocks and NYC…and a “better than average performance and music, and ‘Ladies & Gentleman you have a winner’ ”.
Michael says “ It was the place, the connection, the top for me where stage and audience met…the peak”.

Now a father, Michael pays bills through music work in the New York City area. His daytime job is performing in pediatric wards at local hospitals, and has a cover gig at Jersey City’s Lighthorse Tavern on Monday nights.

What Butler clearly understands is that music is about communication first, whatever genre, wherever path takes an artist. “It’s about breathing life into a song, It’s about the connection—the audience - and assuring that they are having a good time…It’s about playing great music, Hey it’s only rock and roll but I like, no, I LOVE it.