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Michael Butler

“Gravy” New CD 2010
Michael Butler

Underneath these modestly sparse recordings, Michael’s music embodies a standard set by some of the greatest singer/songwriters of yesteryear, the sort of songs that at first listen you love... this is what Butler’s songs incorporate. Recorded raw with a mountain of emotion, these tunes are done simple but still power packed & display an honesty that can only come from living them. They cover the map of variety, adventure, unpredictability and lyrical boldness. He’s none of the things you might expect him to be, but he’s all of the things that built the classic rock or folk or Motown of before… his songs are just simply wonderful. The 1960’s & 1970’s are clearly evident and his music melds such styles & different influences and the end results is he can sound like several different bands from song to song. Michael’s background was one of growing up Black and poor in the middle of a rich Jewish town in Long Island NY, and this could explain the wide expanse of his musical taste. He fell in love with the music of the Beatles at the age of 4 - while they were still together as a band. He thought Martin Luther King was President and adored shows such as “Julia” and “The Mod Squad"… the world just seemed to me to have no “racial hang ups”… “One & all” equal and happy...ALL music shared among anyone without walls... Sort of a personal “Dream World” yes, but one that allowed his mind to wander & start writing songs at a very very young age. Songs that didn’t “fit” what people expected of him, or fit his look…all of this still follows Butler to this day, none the less he is a true blend of what that “Melting Pot” America has always claimed to be, and it shows in his music…
In The 80’s Michael's roots were all original , but he did start playing covers for a living in 1993 starting with a tenure in a Times Square (NYC) lasting for 11 years (as featured weekend performer). Now mainly a performer in hospitals for children, ironically it’s now that Michael can & has focused on his originals again. He says “ I guess it’s because my day job is such a different sort of gig, a unique type of thing, it really frees me up to write…more than I've been able to in many years…plus I'm not learning 100 cover songs any longer, I'm writing 100 originals ones instead”.
I just want to write the best songs I can…songs with stories that have “ a life of their own”. One of Michael's latest directions in writing can be loosely called “The Acoustic Delta Blues/Americana Sound”. “Loosely” because he’s a 47 year old Northern NYC Boy whose past & present work sounds more like The Beatle’s “Norwegian Wood ” or “ I’ve Just Seen a Face”. But in a bunch of the new songs, there is no denying it, that “Delta Sound” is calling Mr. Butler and he is heeding that call… not resisting it at all !!!
This next step/direction will have to wait for now, at least until Jan 2011 or so because in the “here & now” it’s time for the older songs on “Gravy” to shine. Michael would like you sit back & enjoy them… he has for many a year.
MB NYC 2010