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Michael Prime

Michael Prime began experimenting with tape music and electronics whilst studying African History at Sussex University (BA hons. 1983). From 1983-84 he studied New Music with Roger Sutherland at City University (London), and began joining improvisation sessions at Morley College. In 1985, he co-founded the electroacoustic improvisation group Morphogenesis, with Roger Sutherland, Ron Briefel, Clive Hall and Fred Sansom. Prime worked for many years as an ecologist, conserving wildlife habitats in South London), and gainied a Post Graduate Certificate in Ecology and Conservation from Birkbeck College, London in 1989. From 1989-1998 he was employed by London Borough of Lewisham's Nature Conservation Section, and he was able to further the Multicultural Botanic Garden project. The Besson Street Community Garden was officially opened by the Commonwealth Secretary-General Chief Emeka Anyoauku in November 1993.

Inspired by his experiences of nature in an urban environment, Prime has developed a variety of novel organic and environmental sound sources for use in his music. These include the amplified electrical activity of plants, fungi, and humans, as well as a machine which uses the controlled production of tiny bubbles as a sound source. Short-wave radio, bat detectors and other means of amplifying the hidden sounds of the environment are used in both his studio compositions and his live performances. Prime has also recorded and performed with artists such as Organum, Jim O’Rourke, Eddie Prevost, Max Eastley, Akio Suzuki, David Toop and Geert Feytons. In 1999, Prime began presenting multimedia collaborations with Emma P. O'bong, incorporating video and other visual elements.

Since 1987, the use of bioactivity translators to amplify the electrical activity of plants and fungi has been central to much of Prime’s work. He has created a series of plant and fungi bioactivity installations, in which the amplified biorhythms of plants or fungi are heard to slowly change, under the influence of artificial or natural weather systems. Through the medium of sound, listeners are able to enter and interact with the transient world of plant reactions. Plants are able to react instantly to changes in their environment. Do we consider this to be a form of consciousness?

Michael has presented his plant sound installations at venues such as the Mendel Museum (Brno), the NTT InterCommunication Center (Tokyo), the Halles de Schaarbeek (Brussels), the Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol), the Peblink Gallery (Copenhagen), the Centre for Experimental and Improvised Music (Madrid), and the old Beamish Brewery in Cork (Ireland). His sound work has been the subject of programmes on radio stations in Denmark (Radio P2), Germany (WDR3 and HR2), Mexico (R. Mexico), the USA (WBZ and WDCD), Japan (Airplane Radio) and the UK (Resonance FM and BBC Radio 3).

An excerpt from Michael's "L-Fields" cd can be heard on the soundtrack to Gaspar Noe's film, "Enter The Void". His recordings of Silkworm Moths feature on the soundtrack to the forthcoming film by Peter Strickland, 'The Duke of Burgundy'.

During 2012, his four screen video installation, 'AGARIKON' has been presented at the Quartier 21 gallery Vienna, the DOX gallery Prague, and The Gallery of Fine Arts Ostrava. It is part of the exhibition 'Membra Disjecta' which explores the legacy of John Cage. This led to a film version of some of the Agarikon material, 'Agarikon II'. In 2013, he presented his installation 'Intermediate Forms' at the Mendel Museum of Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic). This involved two experiments in webcasting a live feedback loop of bioelectrical signals and video (derived from pea plants), with the two cameras and screens located at Comillane Gardens (Cape Clear Island) and the Mendel Museum. Visitors to the Mendel Museum had their images mixed with those of the pea plants in an audiovisual feedback loop whose length was dependent on the internet connections between the two places.

2008: Installation recording broadcast on "Hear & Now", BBC Radio 3
2007: Michael Prime performance in Cologne broadcast on WDR3
2004:”The Plant Whisperer” Michael Prime interviewed by Michael Rusenberg- broadcast on HR2 and WDR3 Radios, Germany
Broadcast of “One Hour As The Body” by Resonance FM, London
2003:Broadcast of “One Hour As A Plant” by Resonance FM, London
2002:Interview for Airplane Radio, Tokyo
2001:Interview and programme for Lydmuren, Danish Radio P1
2000:Michael Prime special on Delire Actuel, CFLX Quebec
1996:Michael Prime radio feature on Radio Gagarin, Hamburg
1995:Interview for Lydmuren, Danish Radio P1
Morphogenesis radio feature on “Midnight Oil”, BBC Radio 3
1993:Morphogenesis interviewed by Alquimia on Radio Mexico International
1989:Morphogenesis radio feature on Die Audionaten, Berlin
1987:Morphogenesis radio feature on WBZ radio, Boston, USA

Selected Discography

Michael Prime- Fructification (LP, Mycophile 1989)
Michael Prime- Aquifers (CD, RRR 1993)
Michael Prime- Cellular Radar (CD, Mycophile 1996)
Michael Prime- Domestic Science (CD, Mycophile 1998)
Michael Prime- Mycoplasma (CD, Digital Narcis 1999)
Michael Prime- L-Fields (CD, Sonoris 2000)
Michael Prime- Elements 1 (CD, Mycophile 2001)
Michael Prime- Externum Internus (Brussels) (CDR, Siren 2002)
Michael Prime- Requiem (LP, Die Stadt 2002)
Michael Prime- “Across The River” (on In Memoriam Tarkovsky CD, IVB 2003)
Michael Prime- “Externum Internus”(Reading)(Resonance mag Feedback CD, 2003)
Michael Prime- One Hour As Peyote (CDR, Mycophile 2005)
Michael Prime- Borneo (2CD, Mycophile, 2007)
Michael Prime- 'Ha, Ha! Your Mushrooms Have Gone', on Otherness (book/cd compiled by David Cotner, 2007)
Michael Prime- 'Agarikon I' on Membra Disjecta (cd compiled by Josef Cseres, 2012)

With Morphogenesis:
Morphogenesis- “Sounds from the Rock” (on No Borders LP, Gen. Unlimited 1988)
Morphogenesis- Prochronisms (LP, Generations Unlimited 1989)
Morphogenesis- Solarisation (CD, Streamline 1994)
Morphogenesis- Charivari Music (CD, Paradigm 1996)
Morphogenesis- Formative Causation (CD, Mycophile 1997)
Morphogenesis- Stromatolites (CD, Vintage Electronic Records 1998)
Morphogenesis- In Streams vols. 1&2 (CDs, Paradigm 2001)

With Organum:
Organum- Drome (7”, Les Disques du Soleil 1989)
Organum- Veil of Tears (CD, Matchless 1994)
Organum- Kammer (CD, Robot 1997)
Organum- Birds’ Wings... (CD, Die Stadt 1999)
Organum- Die Hennen Zahne (CD, Die Stadt 2005)

With others:
Jim O’Rourke- Disengage (CD, Staalplaat 1993)
Adam Bohman- Last Orders (CD, Mycophile 1997)
David Toop- Museum of Fruit (CD, Caipirinha Music 1999)
Negative Entropy- City Open to the Nomad (CD, Beta-Lactam 2000)
Negative Entropy- MS Stubnitz (CD, Absurd 2005)
Max Eastley & Michael Prime- Hydrophony for Dagon (CD, Absurd 2006)