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Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group

Nobuyuki Mizuoka (水岡のぶゆき) -- Composer, Pianist-Keyboardist

Nobuyuki Mizuoka was born on June 30, 1968 in Tokyo and began studying classical piano as a youngster -- his favorite composers include Debussy and Ravel. After entering the School of Law at Chuo University, he was deeply involved in music groups and became enchanted with the world of jazz. Upon graduation in 1992, he turned his full focus on music, performing tirelessly in sessions and at live events in the jazz, pop, rock, soul, Latin, blues and new age genres. Marking June 2005 as the start of his professional career as a pianist-composer, he established the Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group and performed around Tokyo at prestigious venues like Roppongi's Sweet Basil 139, Shibuya's JZ Brat, Tokyo Disney Resort's Club Ikspiari, and Motion Blue in Yokohama. Most days of the year he plays at live houses, public halls and special events, also donating his talent to charitable activities and to welfare facilities across the country. In the spring and fall of 2008 Mizuoka and his group performed two successful gigs in Bangkok, Thailand, and on New Year's Day in 2009 he was on the baseball field surrounded by the Tokyo and Fukuoka Masters League teams to perform the Japanese National Anthem at the opening ceremony to a full crowd in the Tokyo Dome. In 2012 Nobuyuki Mizuoka both arranged music for and performed on a Japanese documentary about the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami and nuclear disaster, titled "Tachiiri-Kinshi Kuiki Futaba ~ Saredo Waga Kokyo (My Hometown Futaba ~ the No-Go Zone)."

Major activities as composer/arranger/pianist:

• Released his debut solo album "Tomorrow" on July 15, 2005.
• On December 22, 2005 released his second solo album "Home-bound."
• Released his first collaborative album "Departure" on November 3, 2006.
• Release the single "Kizuna (Bonds)" on December 15, 2007.
• Released the album "Tabibitoboshi (Wanderer's Star)" on August 20, 2008.
• Released the first Mizuoka Nobuyuki Group album "Life" on October 26, 2009.
• Original music regularly featured on TV Asahi's documentary series "Hidden Hot Springs Romance (秘湯ロマン)" -- published by Pony Canyon on DVD on December 15, 2010.
• Original music published in the DVD release of Kansai Telecasting Corporation's "Gout Temps Nouveau (グータンヌーボ)" program.
• Profiled in Radio Japan's "My Story on Radio" (Dec. 2008).
• Featured in NHK's "Little Journey" TV travelog (Dec. 2010).
• Music director for "Kansai News Terrace" on NHK Osaka (2010.3).
• Composed the theme for the FM Bell Kisarazu radio program.
• Collaborator on the local Sagami FM radio program "Take Heart Time."
• Co-hosts the Asaka weekly 30-min. FM radio program "Let's Listen to the Jazz."
• Collaborator on the local Chiba Ishihara FM radio program "Mizuoka Nobuyuki's Carefree Journey in Jazz."
• Established M.N.G. Co. Ltd. in April 2008.
• In charge of the music for the 2012 independent Japanese documentary about the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami and nuclear disaster, titled "My Hometown Futaba, the No-Go Zone."
• Released the Nobuyuki Mizuoka & CAMARU collaborative album "Singles in the Pot" on May 14, 2012.

~ 水岡のぶゆき プロフィール概要 ~
● 音楽家、ピアニスト・キーボーディスト
スイートベイジル,クラブイクスピアリ,モーションブルーヨコハマ,Jz Bratを始め,全国有名ライブハウス・イベント会場等で演奏を続けている他,

● 作・編曲家他
• 作曲活動においても積極的にアーティストに楽曲を提供しつづけながら,
• 2005年7月15日に自身初のソロアルバム「Tomorrow」を発売
• 2005年12月22日にはセカンドアルバム「Home-bound」を発売
• 2006年11月3日に3枚目のアルバム「Departure」を発売
• 2007年12月15日にシングル「きずな」を発売
• テレビ朝日系列番組「秘湯ロマン」音楽協力
「秘湯ロマン特選DVD」音楽協力(2010.12.15 ポニーキャニオンより発売)
• フジテレビ系列番組「グータンヌーボ」SPドラマDVDに楽曲提供
• ラジオ日本「ラジオ私のものがたり」出演(2008.12)
• NHK総合「小さな旅」出演(2010.12)
• NHK大阪「ニューステラス関西」音楽担当(2010.3)
• FMべる木更津「Makkyの星空ふれあいぱーく」番組タイトル曲提供
• すまいるFM「水岡のぶゆきの 聴こう The Jazz!」レギュラー出演中
・いちはらFM「水岡のぶゆきの気ままにjazz 紀行」レギュラー出演中
• FMさがみ「テイクハートタイム」音楽協力
• 2008年4月に(株)M.N.G.を設立。
• 2012年3月地震/津波と原子力災害に関するドキュメンタリー映画『立入禁止区域・双葉 ~されど我が故郷~』音楽担当
• 2012年5月14日に水岡のぶゆき&CAMARU名義でのアルバム「Singles in the Pot」を発売