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Neil Love

My purpose in life is MUSIC CREATION as well as to transcend the usual auto-pilot psychosis of sex and drugs and violence that leads people into the perpetration of crimes like rape and murder, theft and fraud. My goal is to make the effort, there by so as to over ride the auto-pilot, thus we can achieve the Parthenogenesis of the Celestial Immortals [angels in heaven]. Music is the universal language of the Cosmos. The whole of the Universe is a Symphony. My radio station 2E3NJ "DEEPBLUESKY" is currently transmitting on 27314 Khz AM at intermittent times unpredictably. Work is under way to shift from the communications equipment, currently used, over to a broadcasting unit still in the making. The difference being that one is only usable intermittently [transistors burn out if over loaded] whilst the other being a thermodialectic valve is a 24/7 continuous signal [once on it has to stay on] into which I can feed the music and whatever else that I desire to upload to the ionosphere.

IS SPACE TRAVEL REALLY POSSIBLE ? This question might appear to be a million light years away from the subject of VAMPIRES and other such GOTH things. However, I have heard it said that aliens might be vampires coming from outer space to attack the Earth so as to be turning us humans into captive farm animals for the harvesting of our ADRENOCHROME. This believe it or not is what certain UFO enthusiasts at MUFON have been saying. Such a point of view is probably coming from the COINTELPRO "counter intelligence propaganda" machine so as to increase government spending on military hardware where by so as to thwart the perceived alien threat. Before his death earlier this year 2018 Professor Stephen Hawking spoke out about the possibility of such an alien invasion. But I want to add my point of view to all of this speculation about aliens. In my opinion material space travel is 100% not possible. Therefore in my opinion we have absolutely nothing to worry about. How can I be so sure that material space travel is 100% not possible ?

First the sheer DISTANCE involved is a major problem confronting anyone wanting to go anywhere in space. The Universe is extraordinarily vast. Even the nearest star to our own being ALPHA CENTAURUS is nothing less than four light years away. A very bright star SIRIUS "The Dog Star" which we in the Northern Hemisphere can see in the southern horizon during winter nights is no less than six light years away. Light travels at 300,000 kilometers per second which translates as 186,000 miles per second. Utterly massive distances. Just the central hub of our MILKYWAY Galaxy measures 100,000 light years diameter. Its full diameter is nothing less than 1,000,000 light years. The nearest major Galaxy to our own is the ANDROMEDA Galaxy and it is 22,000,000 light years away from us. Visible in the Northern Hemisphere it measures eleven lunar diameters in the sky. Beyond that there exist unlimited numbers of other galaxies in all directions stretching out to infinity. Any kind of space ship capable of supporting such a journey would be impossible. Simply 100% not possible. Food, water, air, fuel ? Getting it into space ?

Secondly there is the problem of RADIATION. Any such space ship would have to possess a massive shield hull with in which would be our habitation hull with all the air, water, food and fuel. We only have to go beyond LEO "low earth orbit" to run into such deadly solar radiations from the Sun as well as cosmic radiations from our galaxy and other galaxies too. Just beyond low earth orbit we encounter the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

Thirdly there is the engineering reality that ROCKET PROPULSION DOES NOT WORK IN SPACE like as the science fiction industry would have us all believe. Only believe to be the truth that which has been proven to be the truth by the scientific method. The problem of propelling a space ship is in the fact that space is a perfect vacuum. Thus the rocket has nothing to push against. Propulsion requires that there be DISPLACEMENT OF INTRINSIC MASS equal or greater than the intrinsic mass of the ship being propelled. Ships on the water have propellers that displace the weight of the ship in water. The ship is displacing its own weight in water thus it floats on the surface of that water. Submarines are also displacing their own weight in water so thus to be able to go up and down in that water. Aircraft have propellers or jet turbines that do the same by displacing the air equal to the weight of the aircraft. Then as the aircraft begins levitating down the runway the wings are producing a down draft of air behind the aircraft. Thus displacing air equal to the weight of the aircraft and thus the aircraft begins lifting off of the ground. A rocket spaceship launching into the sky is displacing its own weight in air and thus it begins to float up into the sky. As it climbs upwards the air that was at its most dense at sea level begins to get thinner. So that the efficiency of the rocket gets less and less until we are confronted by the vacuum of space where in the efficiency of the rocket becomes zero. Rockets only propel because of air displacement. Once in the vacuum of space there is zero air displacement. So I have no hesitation in stating that according to real science rocket propulsion is 100% not possible in space. No air displacement therefore no propulsion.

So we are confronted by the realization that the space programme is a scam. 100% FAKE ! This might not be obvious to most people, but it is crystal clear to me. No one has or ever will be walking on the Moon. Going to Mars is utterly not possible. There are no rovers on Mars. No probes exploring the outer solar system. NASA is a huge scam. Over the years since its founding by President Kennedy in the 60's they have improved on their ability to produce fake images using cinematic tricks and nowadays high end expensive CGI which then feeds into the cinema industry and computer games. When Kennedy set up NASA and declared their intention to land men on the moon by the end of the decade it were his belief that rocket science was able to achieve such a project. He had no idea that it was a scam. Wool being pulled over his eyes by the military industrial complex spoken about by President Eisenhower. Then in steps one brave young lady called Marylin Monroe who had worked in the aviation industry during the dark days of the Second World War 1939 through until 1945. Not just being a pretty face she by arrangement met with President Kennedy at the White House and explained to him about the space propulsion problem. As soon as Kennedy understood he took measures to put a stop to the NASA space programme scam. Why do we still have the NASA problem ? Because the military industrial complex who run NASA assassinated both of the Kennedy brothers as well as killing Marylin Monroe too. Down the years many scientists have either been corrupted or else murdered or both. Thus NASA continues their scam even to this day. It is time to reveal the truth. The scam must stop.

Although we cannot ever travel in space materially, nevertheless we can travel in space spiritually. This is my approach to exploring the Universe. Albert Einstein called it the "Folding of the Fabric of Time and Space". When we sleep and we dream we are actually relocating our consciousness to some other time and space coordination in multi dimensionality physics. When we die we are doing the same as when we sleep except that we are not going to come back. LUCID DREAMING is the only way by which we can really explore the universe. Unfortunately because of their demonic morality most individuals are spiritually Earth Bound. Only the genuinely righteous are by the Grace of God ever going to be allowed to transcend the earth. Revelations 14:1-5. Genesis 6:5-6-7. By practice of Yoga Meditation and celibacy we can escape the reincarnation cycle there by so as to become Celestial Immortal beings with the freedom to explore the universe. This process of becoming an Angelic Being is called ascension and salvation. It requires that we understand PARTHENOGENESIS. We are only actually awake when we are asleep and we are only actually alive when we are dead.

With this in mind I suggest to you that there are no alien VAMPIRES coming to invade the Earth from outer space. However, the Earth is incubating a limited number of demonic vampires already. Material reality is actually hell. Here we are in hell. Carnal flesh. We need to understand that so long as we continue our demonic life style we will remain as Earth Bound as ever before and thus sink ever deeper into a horrific nightmare in which we become vampires attacking one anothers throats for the adrenochrome drug in the blood. Just how evil can it get ? Maybe ADRENOCHROME addiction has been what the military industrial complex has always been about ?