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▪ MIKE POUGOUNAS [Greece | Vocals, Lyrics] - Mike Pougounas is a vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist, record label owner, and independent filmmaker who is most notable for his contributions to Greek rock during his time as the frontman for Greek punk and gothic rock pioneers, The Flowers Of Romance, from 1981 to 1998. Following the breakup of The Flowers Of Romance in 1998, Mike Pougounas would both found a new band, Nexus, and in 2000, the Cyberdelia Record Label. After the end of Nexus and Cyberdelia in 2005, Mike Pougounas formed New Zero God. In 2001, Mike participated in the Global Goth Collective’s “Everyone Says Hi” to benefit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation [UK]. His three-decade career has made him an influential and respected performing artist not only in Greece, but also within Europe as a whole.

◦ LINKS to Mike Pougounas:
- FACEBOOK:!/mike.pougounas

▪ DIMITRIS “SIDHEOG” STEVES [Greece | Drums, Composer] - Since 1989, “Sidheog” has been a drummer for a number of bands, namely, The Drops, Cabin Fever, Nexus, the Dutch band, Mecano, and currently, New Zero God. He’s also composed a handful of tunes (with Second Chance being one of them) and thought up a couple of lyrics here and there. At the same time, he’s also a full time graphic designer/illustrator of sorts, having supplied images and graphics for a number of publications, posters, flyers and CD sleeves over the years, embellishing -inter allia- such releases as those of Nexus, Casualty Park, and, of course, New Zero God. He’s considered a good sport and indulges in sofa sessions watching cartoons with his daughters and the occasional nip ‘n’ a hauf round with his bandmates... Oh, and playing drums really loud on stage!

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▪ MICHAEL CHRISTOU [Greece | Guitar, E-Bow] - Michael Christou, who has been playing guitars since the mid-80s, continues to wow his audience with his seemingly casual approach to bringing a song to life. However, all casualness aside, his abilities to tweak and manipulate the strings bring powerful renditions of the song to the audience’s ear. His most notable bands prior to New Zero God were Panx Romana and Avaton.

▪ HARRIS STAVRAKAS [Greece | Bass] - Born in August of 1966, Harris Stavrakas started to play music with school bands in the early 80s. During 1984 he joined Greece’s leading goth rock band, The Flowers Of Romance. In 1990/1991 he moved to Osvestry, England, and formed the band, Orthodox. He returned to Greece the following year and rejoined The Flowers Of Romance, where he remained until they disbanded in 1998. In 2004 he joined the Sunny Baltzi Band, and in 2010, he once again teamed up with fellow Flowers Of Romance bandmate, Mike Pougounas in New Zero God.

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▪ MARTIN BIRKE [USA | Synths] - Martin Birke is an electronic percussionist and composer. He has worked and toured with the bands Casualty Park, Sandbox Trio, Genre Peak, and currently with Hardboiled Wonderland. He has done commissioned scores for The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Complextions Dance Co., and LionsGate Films, as well as several independent films and TV commercials. Martin currently resides in Sacramento, California.

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▪ DON CAMPAU [USA | Vocals] - Don Campau has been involved in making and broadcasting music for a very long time. His group, The Roots Of Madness, released their LP in 1971. He began his “solo career” as a home-taper in 1976 and joined the Cassette Culture around 1984. In the spirit of the tape movement, Don likes to record lots of differing genres and makes all his albums available for free or for trade. In 1971, the same year as his first release, Don also began non-commercial radio broadcasting in the USA under the tutelage of ‘The Father of Community Radio’ Lorenzo W. Milam. After working at several community radio stations, he began his own radio show, “No Pigeonholes”, which has continuously been on the air since 1985, and is touted as the longest running show about home recording musicians in the world. Never having let go of his roots, he still welcomes all styles of original, home recorded music as well as releases by independent bands done in small studios.

◦ LINKS to Don Campau:
- FACEBOOK:!/profile.php?id=1470240185

▪ WILL CREWDSON [United Kingdom | Guitar] - Will Crewdson is a London-based guitarist/writer/producer best known for his work with the UK band Rachel Stamp, US singer Johnette Napolitano and Adam Ant. The next 10 years were spent touring and recording with the rock band Rachel Stamp who, at one point, became the only unsigned band to sell out the London Astoria. They also played gigs with, among others, Iggy Pop, Korn, No Doubt, The Tubes, and Cheap Trick. Rachel Stamp were renowned for their rabid, glammed-up, colorful following and eventful shows. They had several record deals, the biggest of which was with WEA. After this period, Will concentrated on writing and recording with Johnette Napolitano, the former singer with LA legends Concrete Blonde. The critically acclaimed Napolitano solo album “Scarred” was released on Hybrid Recordings in 2007. He also collaborates with the US director/writer Tom DiCillo as one-half of The Black and Blue Orkestre. In 2010 Will played live, recorded and musically directed for Adam Ant's solo band. Gigs included a sold-out show at London's Scala. He also helped organize a tribute to the late Adam and the Ants’ guitarist, Matthew Ashman, again at the London Scala on November 21, 2010. Will played lead guitar on that night with the remaining members of Matthew's bands Bow Wow Wow and Chiefs of Relief (featuring Paul Cook from Sex Pistols on drums and Billy Morrison on vocals) as well as performing another set with Adam Ant. In addition to all these projects, Will has also played guitar for the following: Malcolm McLaren, Tom Jones, Bryan Ferry, Westworld, Celine Dion, Appleton, Pigface, Tyler James, T-Rexstasy, Billy Bragg and Dragons.

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▪ SUSANA EGEA & ALEX BRUJAS [Spain | Vocals (SE) & Stereoskop Sound Engineer (AB)] - Alex Brujas (DJ Lexvaz) and Susana Egea were 3D pioneers in Spain. Together they formed Stereoskop in 2000, have released six albums, and built a fanbase all over the world. They also created the multimedia platform, “Virtual Video”, the music distribution company STKM, and an iconic club, New Order. They then went on with their solo projects. DJ Lexvaz built up his own studio and continued his career as a DJ under the name Lexvaz and is a sought-after producer. His first two CDs reached the top of the European and UK charts. Susana was drawn into the world of video shooting and photography and lived in London for 5 years before settling in vivid Berlin last year. Now, Stereoskop is back with new sounds and is again ready to conquer the world and dance floors. The two pioneers released their new album "110011", to the European market in September 2011. It became a major production: dark, light, lively, original, and the perfect blend of techno, pop, and electro house. With this album, DJ Lexvaz and Susana are ready for the dance floors of the world.

◦ LINKS to Susana Egea & Alex Brujas:

▪ LORD LITTER [Germany | Vocals] - One of the greatest international underground talents, Lord Litter has been playing, recording, and producing music since the early 1980’s. He also produces radio shows, soundtracks, and much more. He’s recently been working on three projects; two in music and one in art/sound/film. Interested in learning more about this not-so-hidden talent? Feel free to contact Lord Litter … he’s ALWAYS willing to communicate! Vive La Difference!

◦ LINKS to Lord Litter:
- Official Website:

▪ RAYMOND JOHN ROSS [South Africa | Vocals] - Founding ANKST member, vocalist, lyricist, and producer Raymond John Ross has brought his gothic raspiness forward with his contribution. IN 2001, Raymond also participated in the Global Goth Collective’s “Everyone Says Hi” to benefit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation [UK]. Raymond is also a freelance producer and engineer for Spookaus Studios and invites you to visit him at any of the following sites.

◦ LINKS to Raymond John Ross:

▪ CHRIS TUKE [United Kingdom | Bass Guitar] - Chris Tuke is an original member of the UK goth band, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, in which he played bass guitar. In 2006 Chris became their guitarist and backing vocalist, and the Screaming Banshee Aircrew acquired a three-album deal with Resurrection Records. Once the Aircrew disbanded in 2010, he formed the glam/Post-punk band Berlin Black and The Shades Of Grey. Chris also joined the post-punk band Luxury Stranger as their bassist. Since then, Luxury Stranger have toured with the Chameleons, VOX, and supported Gary Numan. Berlin Black recently opened the main event at the Whitby Goth Weekend, with over 600 people in attendance. They have also performed at the opening year of DV8fest Alternative Festival in York, and supported Gene Loves Gezebel.

◦ LINKS to Chris Tuke:

▪ SHAUN HISTED-TODD [United Kingdom | Design Artist for CD Artwork] - Born in the suburbs of West London, UK, Shaun Histed-Todd grew up with a passion for the post punk and early Goth scene, as heavily evidenced in his illustrations. He soon discovered live music, where he honed his Photographic Skills as a Stage Photographer on the London scene more than 12 years before quitting the big-city for the open-wilds of Dartmoor Devon. Whenever Shaun can, he indulges in another of his passions, that of natural history. When it comes to artwork, he loves creating dark pieces, as well as light and atmospheric scenes. Shaun also has a propensity to cover Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy. Shaun’s newest endeavor is as co-owner of Wicked Spins Radio, where he has been a DJ and hosts The Snuff Monkey Radio Show.

◦ LINKS to Shaun Histed-Todd:

▪ CHRIS MANOLITSIS [Greece/South Africa | Sound Engineer] - Chris Manolitsis was born in 1959 in Johannesburg, South Africa, of Greek immigrant parents. He began his musical escapades back in 1974, playing guitar in an assortment of cover bands before attempting his own compositions in Hard Lines and the Prime Ministers in 1979/80. In 1981, his final year at university, he embarked on his “sound” career, working the mixing desk at a rock venue. He studied at the Institute for Audio Research in New York in 1982 and in early 1983 landed a job at Acoustic Studios in Athens, Greece. After a few years working at Acoustic and Mastersound studios he set up his own Blue Moon studios from 1986 -1990. After a year at Sierra Studios, he returned to his birthplace of Johannesburg in late 1991 and set up his second studio, Gemini. He became musically active again with Snake’s Alive, The Rhythm Bandits and Radio Saigon, before setting up a record label distributed through EMI, releasing local music. In 1999 he returned to Athens, and after a couple of years of teaching decided to set up Zoom Recordings. He has been active as a live concert and studio recording engineer till present. He still plays guitar and writes songs.

◦ LINKS to Chris Manolitsis:
- FACEBOOK:!/profile.php?id=100000392547336


ABOUT HAWC: Founded in 1978, HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change, formerly known as Help for Abused Women and their Children) is the oldest and the most comprehensive domestic violence agency on the Massachusetts' North Shore with direct services provided in 23 cities and towns. HAWC provides services and support to victims of domestic violence in order that they may make informed, independent decisions about their futures. Some of the many services provided include: 24-hour hotline, shelter program, short-term counseling, support groups, parent/child trauma recovery program, youth outreach program, legal advocacy program, and educational/training programs. The purpose of HAWC is to create social change by taking action against personal and societal patterns of violence and oppression.


Definition of Domestic Abuse:
Domestic abuse is a system of coercive behaviors used by adults or adolescents to establish and maintain power and control over a partner or family member.

Cultural Abuse:
Threatening deportation, outing your sexual orientation to your friends and family without your consent, calling you racist names, isolating you from those that speak your language, isolating you from people who practice similar cultural and/or religious traditions, forbidding you to practice your chosen faith, destroying your immigration documents/preventing you from receiving residence status, preventing access to your wheelchair, cane or other adaptive equipment, denying access to your medication.

Physical Abuse:
Looming over you, getting "in your face," blocking a doorway, grabbing you if you try to leave, kicking, punching, biting, slapping, choking/strangling, threatening to harm you, using weapons, throwing or breaking things, punching walls, driving recklessly, burning, pulling hair, stabbing, trying to confine you, preventing you from seeking medical care, restricting access to medication, murder.

Mental/Emotional Abuse:
Giving intimidating looks and gestures, playing mind games, twisting the facts around, making you feel like you’re losing your mind, not accepting blame, wrongful accusations, lying, manipulation, insults, humiliation and/or making you feel badly about yourself, not listening to your point of view, being jealous or possessive, excessive paging or calling, intercepting your phone message or emails, not allowing you to have or limiting contact with friends or family, controlling where you go and when, stalking, accusations of cheating, using privilege.

Verbal Abuse:
Yelling, shouting, swearing, continuously arguing, interrupting, talking over you, put downs, name calling, talking down to you or patronizing you, using loud and threatening tone and language, intimidating you, mocking you, abusive language, threatening to take the children away or report you to the authorities.

Sexual Abuse:
Unwanted sexual touching, vulgar comments, pressure for sex, treating you like an object, forcing you to use or not use birth control, prohibiting safe sex practices, forcing pregnancy or abortion, forcing you to have sex with other people, forcing you to participate in pornography, date or marital rape.

Economic Abuse:
Withholding money, making you ask for money, not allowing access to financial accounts, giving you an allowance, not allowing you to work or get an education, putting all bills/credit cards in your name, preventing use of a vehicle.

Address: 27 Congress St., Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978-744-8552
24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-547-1649