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Nikki Hornsby

I started singing as a very young child my parents told me. Then I took lessons in piano, accordion, & coronet but self taught guitar very early. I played trumpet three years in my school's bands. To got more noticed by the boys when I changed from trumpet in high school to playing guitar & singing. Then I continued to play guitar and sing for years throughout my formal education including college. My Dean in VA prep. school, & the Dean in NC College, sent me out to work to represent my schools on TV or local events. I did earn good money from performances in college which made it a profession early on. I was doing my own contract work as well as hiring a few booking agents only when required by the union clubs or events. Now I have a CA Licensed Agent in the industry (Castle-Hill Ent.) best for Film & TV representation for over 30 years and I am her only musician that she represents.
My playing music for pay continued from my formal education as a club performer which helped by real estate, boat, rv, Mercedes, CA income property etc. Fact is to the dismay of many I turned down major funding capital from investors for 3 major recording contracts. I had tried to acquire the knowledge of the recording business itself with extensive research to understand the reason & process for years. Finally I accepted a small business man in my town as a financial backer for my first four recordings, Ken Herbert. I achieved the goals this investor set for the product which was to prove merit. I did exactly that and had #1 to Top 5 in Europe offline stations and a few high charting in the smaller radio wattage stations in the USA as well verified with documents from those stations then. Did a lot of free station promotions and learned more about the marketing aspects of a recording artist & label's job. My next release was also independently financed again & sent to the USA radio major markets.
I established a consulting business license with a umbrella overview for my Record label (CJP-NHRecords) and (Common Justice Productions - NHRecords) with an office in Los Angeles County of the State of CA, USA. Later on I opened offices in Central Europe & San Diego County CA USA. The company (CJP-NHRecords) is listed in Dun&Brad, BBB rated high A+ in 2011 (as we were not paying for our A+ rating as anyone can do), & we have been listed in Trade publication world wide for many years even when those Trades have gone out of business CJP-NHRecords is still here working on planned projects.
Unlike many in business I insist on honest press and our marketing based on the solid production of music made for radio broadcasting & the consumer. I also want honesty about any and all successes or news about my career and honesty about Nikki Hornsby music. This is often hard to achieve when marketing is to create interest regardless of the truth but in my leading CJP-NHRecords company with staff I always insist on honesty backed by document verification because it's my character & clear values tied to the music business.

From end of 2004 to 2007 I spent intense overseas public affairs work out of the USA to obtain European business experiences for my company. I even agreed when called to help out to serve the US Military European community center giving instructions in 06-07 which cut into my work schedule but was an honor to serve. Self employed, as I always have been with CJP-NHRecords work, I was like a liaison with various host nation countries for music product plus meeting US & European Ambassadors for CJP-NHRecords as I was doing great networking abroad. Precise knowledge of US - International associations - groups & functions, i.e., American German Business Club, German-American International Woman's Club, is what I gained along with being asked to be a special VIP Host for a European city Tourism that held 6 FIFA games for the International World Cup Soccer games of 2006. I have appeared on many radio stations for interviews in Europe playing hundreds of original songs that have not been recorded, performing with 12 string guitar as my only backup. I even performing the songs I wrote in different languages throughout years of songwriting and those I wrote while on the road. It was a great experience representing my beloved USA.

Numerous commercial radio & TV appearances plus interviews by print press in the USA & also European wide has all been positive reinforcement of my inherited craft. My grandfather was honored in the Grammy Museum the entire year of the Columbia Records display 2013. My former CJP-NHRecords released songs charted throughout Europe from a number one in Spain to Top 70s on commercial radio even in the USA. Since I do have over 300 original songs, as I said some written in different languages and many different styles, from Pop, Blues, to Country & Americana, Classical to even Novelty songs, my ability to play for hours has never been an issue but a joy by the listeners positive response. I continue to improve my writing skills yearly as any artist normally does and I'm always learning to improve my craft. All my original material is market tested in live performances waiting to be recorded by others to sing & release which has always been my main goal in the entertainment business.

Self employed as a consultant exclusive to the music recording business, I founded this business due to my contacts & intense research over the years. I have been in the professional music recording industry for over 30 years (songwriter affiliated with & other organizations) now and will be until I die. In addition to being a voting member associated with Grammy's (NARAS), I am a voting member of the Academy of Country Music (ACM) based in Los Angeles, CA being nominated to the ACM board of directors four different times & years in the 1990s & you can see a sample of the ballot I was online. This nomination to their Board of Directors was an honor. Just as it was an honor to be placed on the first ballot round of the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) Grammy's in eight different categories for my "Just Wait" CD release of original songs which had to first go through acceptance by a NARAS committee.

While in Europe I supported USAFE (United State Armed Forces Europe) throughout many countries with my public affairs experiences and gave instructions to the military men & women & their families based on my knowledge regarding professional recording music industry. I did this as well as marketing product for a the s430 CJP-NHRecords project that was developed in 2004 in the USA . I was blessed to obtain a letter of recommendation for this work from an active Army Brigadier General as well as a Navy Captain Reservist and another from a former congressional candidate who served as city councilwoman of Los Angeles CA and not to mention the former Ex. Director of the Academy too. These letters were statements regarding my business character and mentioned my worldwide work in the music industry. They can be viewed on line with other documents in photo sections of website or contact the office for confirmation of facts anytime.

I have been working within the public arena during my formal education at various educational institutions from prep. school in VA through college in NC and I transferred to George Mason Univ. in VA. Northern VA is where I was raised after being born in Southern CA. My late parents who were former US Marines before I was born. My Dad was an aviator working GS14-15 for the FAA. My mother was a teacher serving on the State of VA Board of Education for Consumer Affairs and all my siblings excelled in their chosen careers.

In my lifetime career I have received personal invitations to meet with government officials & ambassadors and sample jpg of that can be found online. This is because of my work in music & the public which continues. I have even booked exclusive events & did planning (organizationally & budgeting_ related to all areas of marketing music for CJP-NHRecords projects. I also oversaw the distribution for sales of all CJP-NHRecords released products including related merchandise from clothing to clocks.

With my company I have done consulting, instructing & training of those wanting to be involved deeply as I have been for years. I have contracted a worldwide staff of specialist in marketing & promotion in 2009 and I have had a volunteer staff who believed in the songs. I also had paid and contracted members of my own concert bands, studio jobs, along with hiring lighting, road & sound crews, for larger concerts. Have managed the documents, contracts, and agreements pertaining to this work myself along with taking good legal official consult when required.

In public duties in foreign & domestic affairs it's necessary & important to the United States (in my opinion as a representative at home & abroad) how music extends into all communities worldwide being broadcast through all the different boarders without any language barriers. Being able to understand the influential responsibility and magnitude is one important parts of a full time career within the professional music profession. I have always cared about others wanting the same kind of careers as long it's not their ego wishes but from their heart.

In 2004 for 2007 the CJP-NHRecords 430 Project was to prove marketability for original music delivering the results to other recording artists (those new & established) to record & release. Proof continues as to the merit. This test marketing continues with each new song I write. The unrelated independent audience responses of positive acceptance to the messages is an encouragement to continue for any songwriter. For me, music is a gift given to share which I inherited and accept the responsibility of it's sometimes hardships and life long.

The new CJP-NHRecords projects for 2010-2024 continue to be national & international. Work in music is always moving forward for the reason talent is given by a higher power for all artists that are blessed by such gifts. Music is to share universally without borders, then if produced correctly & marketed successfully, becomes solid as a positive gem stone to last through many years of time as many diamonds of achievements in a world where there is room for all.