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We live in an age of misunderstanding. Music is chained to the image of its creators, and ninja are commonly perceived as heartless human weapons whose skills, like those of artists, are cheaply bought and sold. In most music, there is a deviation from real human connection. In life, there is an imaginary division of mind, body and spirit. True freedom of expression is strangled by social choke holds imposed by tides of opinion. To survive this one must adapt, evolve and re-connect themselves to their human nature. One must reunite music with dancing, mind with body and thought with action. One must become each moment, invisible
yet vivid. Become nothing, and not be broken down.

In 1999, three brothers began making music together. Joel, Adam, and Tim Parent, (the Triad in Blood) at the ages of 15, 13 and 11 respectively, came to the end of the century with distinctly different musical preferences despite a lifelong proximity. The trio, being so diverse in influence, opted not to unify a functional idiom for their evolving mix of music. Instead they chose to simply include all of their stylistic preferences in one colossal cauldron. The result was a seven year soup of ska, grunge, hardcore, metal, reggae. funk, surf and jazz that eventually became known as Ninjaspy in 2006.

Ninjaspy picked up momentum immediately, playing relentlessly in their hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and touring several times across the vast country. They often left audiences aghast; reeling in disbelief of what they had just witnessed, whether it was out of disgust or admiration, or both. In correlation with a commitment to real, reciprocal human connection and zero-ego, high-energy, free-expression dance pit parties, support for Ninjaspy grew with every show.

Alongside prolific producers GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, RHCP, Mudvayne) and Ben Kaplan (Atreyu, Haste the Day, Shakira), Ninjaspy released their debut album πature (Pi Nature) in the fall of 2007. Pi Nature and Ninjaspy live had one predominant similarity: From start to finish one scarcely knew what to expect. From downbeat to breakdown, reggae, ska and hardcore were forcibly wed, and there was much rejoicing. Since its release in 2007,
Pi Nature has sold over 2500 copies both independently and internationally. The band has completed several headlining Canadian tours, appeared on The Warped Tour and Taste Of Chaos festivals, and shared the stage with bands like Protest the Hero, Coheed & Cambria, Thursday, Cancer Bats, Grimskunk, Death By Stereo, 3 Inches of Blood, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Brutal Truth, Divinity, Bring Me The Horizon, Neuraxis, Pierce The Veil, Powerman 5000, The Dreadnoughts,
& more.

In October 2009, Ninjaspy’s international foothold was strengthened when Zestone Records released Pi Nature across Japan. 2010 took Ninjaspy across the Pacific to tour Japan with Death By Stereo. Now the Triad in Blood have now returned home and recorded a follow up to Pi Nature with GGGarth Richardson and Ben Kaplan in Vancouver. The "No Kata" EP & Graphic Novel (Inked by James "Etskh" Loucks), will be released in November 2011, and will continue bear the message that true freedom through music and dancing is here for all people.

The Fall of 2011 finds Ninjaspy on yet another coast to coast Canada Tour in support of the single from "No Kata" entitled "Skaingkh (The Skank)". Once the tour is complete, the band plans to release "No Kata" on CD and in Vinyl/Digital format. All hardcopies will include the Graphic Novel which was conceived and written by Joel Parent and drawn by James "Etskh" Loucks. Digital copies of the single and EP will include full lyrics and digital video versons of the graphic novel. Vinyl/Digital releases will include remixes, instrumental and a cappela versions of the single "Skaingkh".

Singer Joel Parent had this to say about the new EP:

"The NO KATA EP is a real game changer for us. Stylistically it stretches the boundaries of our genre mashing moniker, incorporating some of the most outlandish sounds we've ever thought up or accidentally stumbled upon in a creative process. It harmoniously weds all the elements of our musical adventures with a picturesque storybook that illustrates all the connections between music, dancing, martial arts and meditation that are the fundamental basis for Ninjaspy. "Ninjaspy no kata" in Japanese tranlates as "movements of Ninjaspy". This release is the Tao Teh Ching of throwing the skank down."