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Peter Blast

PETER BLAST: (Born September 6 1953, Chicago Illinois) Occupation: Craftsman of Songs: (Lyrics, Music, Melodies, Hooks and Arrangements), Vocalist, Guitarist, Lap Slide Guitarist, Bassist, Percussionist, Producer, Entertainer.

Peter Blast has been in the Biz for over 45 years. He started out performing live in Chicago South-side two level Irish Bars by the age of fourteen and as a kid was listening to his transistor radio that aired Blues, Motown, Soul and the popular pop music of the day. He's come a long way since those long hot summer nights glued to the Pirate FM Radio channel that was playing the best new music that you've ever heard and you would never have heard it on the Public radio Broadcasts.

Peter Blast had the first Documented Punk Rock Group "DEGENERATION" to perform Live on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip in 1978 (The Sahara, by Popular Demand, four shows in under one year. Discovered by "Bill Norvis comedy writer for the TV Show "Laugh In". Peter met Buck Owens and The Buckaroos of the Bakersfield Sound and members of Willie Nelsons Outlaw Country backup group at The Golden Nugget, (These were the groups Peter's Father had him listening to at the very beginning when he picked up a Guitar)... "Degeneration" moved on to California and it was still 1978 when he met "Glenn Ross Campbell" of "The Misunderstood and Juicy Lucy". Peter has always carried with him the music he heard growing up and it would show up later in his career via: ("White Voodoo" 2012, "Painting Without Canvas" 2015 and "Wind Horses" 2017)...

Peter went on to meet "NYC Legend Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bator and Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys" in New York City (1979) ... Peter also had in the mid eighties the group "Brisance" for a short period of time with a track written by "Peter Blast and Robert McNaughton" for the Film "Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer" (Waiting in the Garden), in the 1986 VHS Version... Later Peter formed "The Blast Factory" recording and performing live Midwest dates (Bootlegs started turning up of live shows in the nineties).
Peter's group "junebug" was signed to Circumstantial Records (Cleveland Ohio, 1995) with Worldwide R.E.D. Distro. releasing the album "Ticket To Hell", but this would only last Three years and changing lineup's untill Peter quit his own group.
Peter was writing and recording new music of a different flavor and here is where he decides to go solo. He has now released Nine Solo Albums... Peter Blast had a Solo Track show up in the Film "Sugar Boxx" and included in "the CD Soundtrack", that song was ("Butterflies & Damsels in Distress", 2009) written by "Peter Blast" and with Steve Conte playing some Guitar work that could have been on "The Beatles, Revolver" LP... From the release of "Peter Blast / A Plush Horse with...a Monkey on a String". Another Noted Artist included on this release was Bob Lizik of (The Brian Wilson Group).

Peter Blast is very broad and hard to term. He is considered to be Highly Original, in the sense that he blends styles of music together and has a knack of letting you live and feel what's within his story lines, sometimes leaving you in a place you never want to leave and at other times leaving you in places that you'd never want to be. No matter what material Peter is doing at the moment you always know that Peter Blast Sound straight away.

All Peter Blast Material is released Worldwide Via: In Stores, Amazon, iTunes, all you're finer Online Stores with Radio Air Play, Reviews, Interviews and You Tube for Peter Blast: Production Videos, Slideshows, Interviews and "Peter Blast Power Company" Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Peter Blast has had the pleasure of having these iconic accomplished artists share a stage, record on albums that he has released over the years and even up through today or even have a two am Jam Session: Ian "Mac" McLagan: The Small Faces with (Steve Marriott who went on to form Humble Pie) , FACES with Rod the Mod and Ronnie Wood, and sideman to The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan"... Mark Andes: "Heart, Spirit, Firefall,Canned Heat,Ian McLagan Bump Band, Jo Jo Gunne"... Willy Schwarz: "Tom Waits"... Bob Lizik: "The Brian Wilson Group"... Glenn Ross Campbell: "The Misunderstood & Juicy Lucy"...Buddy Miles: "Jimi Hendix Band of Gypsys, Wicked Wilson Pickett, The Electric Flag" (Peter also performed Live with a "Wilson Pickett" rhythm Section on Chicago's Southside) ... Kenny Harck: "BadFinger, The James Young Group of Styx, Off Broadway"... Rick Richards: "Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds"... Johnny Thunders: "Original NY Dolls, The Heartbreakers, Solo"... Sami Yaffa: "The Original Hanoi Rocks, Johnny Thunders, Michael Monroe, The New York Dolls...Steve Conte: "The NY Dolls, Micheal Monroe, Solo"...The Staple Singers...Earth Wind & Fire...L.A. Gunns...The Misfits: (Bobby Steele, The Undead")...Crash Diet (Sweden)...New York Junk...Enuff Zn'uff... Micheal Santoro: "Ronnie Wood, Keith Emerson"... Gino Martino, Chip Znuff, Donnie Vie and Ricky Parent: of "Enuff Znuff": (Ricky Parent has also played and recorded with "Alice Cooper")... Rick Price (Original Georgia Satellites)... Heather Horton, Anthony Christiano, Jerry Loy, John Horvath, Micheal Barry, Babe Cummins, Charlie Piper and Dan Curry...Peter Performs Live and has recorded with members of his band "PETER BLAST NYC GROUP"... and Live Performances and recordings with members of the Group he works with in Buenos Aires, Argentina "PETER BLAST POWER COMPANY" (Gaby Zero, Pablo Castro, Fabian Bruno, Eugene Jv), along with other friends from Argentina.... Peter Blast today Performs Live dates under the band name of "THE RECKLESS DESPERADO'S". The lineup of The Reckless Desperado's is like a revolving door and is always a surprise. Sit Down Performances, (No Drums), very Organic. Formed in 2012.
Peter's musical world has collided with a variety of styles over the years and you can hear it clear as a bell.

Peter Blast material has been recorded and mixed by: Johnny K, (Chicago Groove Master)... Phil Bonanno, Chicago Recording Company (C.R.C.)... Jeff Luif (Star Trax Music Productions)... Don Griffin (Studio VMR, Chicago)... Andre Moran (The Congress House, Austin Texas)... The Las Vegas Recording Studios... Thunderclap Recording Studio (IN.)...The Dog House Recording Studios in Chicago... Rax Trax Recording Studios, Chicago with Rick Barnes, Riverhead Studios, Dave Nash, New Zealand... Bakos Recording Studio, Georgia.

Phil Bonanno, Engineer, Mixer of: "Dave Mason, Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger for the Film Rocky", Cheap Trick", Styx and others said that "Peter was young but had an ear for all the best music that was being created while he was growing up and he soaked it all up like a sponge, it shows in the songs he writes today. He is raw talent".

Anne Leighton, NYC Journalist wrote"Peter Blast walks a fine line of Elegance and Balls and his lyrical skills stand right alongside the likes of the Boss, "Bruce Springsteen" and as well as "Marty Robbins" (Singing The Blues, Knee Deep in The Blues, El Paso ,You Gave Me a Mountain, also recorded by "Elvis Presley" and Frankie Lane") plus "Big Iron" another Robbins track was recorded by "Johnny Cash". Robbins also known for "A White Sport Coat and Pink Carnation") among others, and "Elliot Murphy". Peter Blast is using more Slide Guitars and Violins then ever on his first solo release of "This Side of Shang - Hi" (1999)

Chris Rockson, Sound - Check Magazine (UK) wrote: "Peter Blast dazzels, Peter Blast fact Peter Blast makes me sick! How can one person be so talented; he's like a fine Barolo, a living Legend with Pure Rock n Roll running through his veins" (2006)

Peter was invited to "The Renfro Valley Barn Dance" in Kentucky by Steel Guitarist "Chubby Howard (Steel Guitarist Hall of Fame) and (DJ for Classic Country Radio WBZI). Mr. Howard said that "Peter Blast's Solo material reminds me of a mix between "The Eagles" and "Paul McCartney with Wings".

Peter's Blues track "The Devils Puppet" from his release of "White Voodoo" was called "One of the Best Blues tracks of 2012" and "Uber Rock" (UK) called "Peter Blast / Painting Without Canvas" (2015) "The Best release of his career".

Today Peter performs: Blues Based Rock, Chicago / Delta Blues, Rock n Roll, Classic Rock, Country Folk Blues, Country Rock, Poetic Ballads, Authentic old world Cowboy songs, Outlaw Country, The Revived Bakersfield Sound and even some Nineteen Sixties Classic British Psychedelic Rock in the vain of Cream's writing team of Bruce and Brown.

Some Peter Blast releases are now out of print, but there are still many available Worldwide, with each one being different then the one before.

In Print: "Wind Horses (2017), Painting Without Canvas (2015), White Voodoo (2012), Straight Up No Ice (2010), A Plush Horse with...a Monkey on a String (2008) and the Peter Blast (Anthology) Pure Organic Junk (2006)"

OUT OF PRINT: "junebug (1995)... Tracks (1997)... This Side of Shang - Hi (1999)... Explode Released in 2004 and Re-Issued in 2009".