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Pocket Fishrmen

Pocket FishRmen Live at the Fish Fry: 

Founded in 1986, the Pocket FishRmen emerged from the nascent Austin North Loop art-punk scene at Dong Huong Vietnamese restaurant to become Austin’s most reliable rectors of rock ribaldry.

You know it's going to be a night of riotous rock & roll abandon when the club garbs its stage monitors in prophylactic sheaths of plastic. In the wee hours of a drunken Red Eyed Fly Sunday morning, that list grew to include a sweaty cluster of faithful sardines screaming the lyrics of FishRmen classics like "One Blowjob, One Handjob, One Vagina Job" and "Big Ass on Fire" with the temerity of English football fans. Vocalist Brant Bingamon looked quite fetching in a security guard uniform that would literally be ripped from his body before the night was through. Bingamon's twisted, pitch-shifted voice made him sound like a horny teenager who just wahooed a tank of helium, but few teens not directly descended from Joyce could come up with such poignant lines as "I want to pork you 'til the half-digested meat spews forth." Cris Burns' inimitable cheese guitar heroics kept the fists a-flyin', especially on barreling speedballs like "The Leader Is Burning." Not surprisingly, the FishRmen's last song was the pro-marijuana anthem, "Go out Smokin'"; a strange smell wafted through the air as the congealed humanity at the front of the room began bouncing and weaving in time to the music. Any hopes for an encore were literally smashed when Craig set his axe aflame Monterey-style and began pounding it to smithereens. There was no final bow, just a mess of splinters, grime, and feedback. All in all, it was a textbook example of annihilation with high honors. – Greg Beets. Austin Chronicle 

On occasion a lucky collector may stumble on old show flyers bearing the name Pocket FishRmen  next to the Butthole Surfers and Ed Hall .